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Monday, 16 February 2009



Hi Kirk,
Love new and interesting places. I'm gonna try this place soon. I have never had the cuisine before.
It really looks delish.


very cool post kirk! i've read somewhere that somalis eat bananas with their meals. what a huge amount of rice, which looked pretty good.

i think it's good to be out of your comfort zone once in a while. what better way to learn about other exciting ethnic cuisines. were you and your wife the only Asians there?


what an interesting place, looked delicious!

Passionate Eater

The bananas and water caught me off guard as well! I think this post has inspired me to eat bananas more often with savory foods!

Wandering Chopsticks

You always surprise me with the unusual restaurants you manage to unearth! I was expecting something like Ethiopian too, but I'm glad it's quite different.


You do know I drove right by here yesterday...and had this mental post it note to come back this weekend...


Hi Michael - Not much variety, but pretty good least the lamb.

Hi CC - We were the only non-Somali folks there.....

Hi Kat - Yes, it was interesting.

Hi PE - Gotta keep that potassium level up!

Hi WC - This one had been on the list for a while. It was different, but there were similarities.......

Hi Cathy - Worth a try if you like lamb...and the chicken legs looked good.


Hey Kirk, I like the name, it sets the tone nicely! As usual, your post now has me looking around for new cuisine...


Hi FH - Yes, I guess it does set the tone.....


What a great discovery! I think I'll have to look for Somali in OC. Surely there must be some restaurants here too!


Thanks! I just got done eating, but now I am hungry again from your post

Masa Assassin

I love trying different interpretations of lamb, looks like I have another one to try. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the way to go


Hi Elmo - If it's down here. you must have a few in the OC!

Hi Chris - Check them out.

Hi MA - Yes, sometimes it's really nice to get out there.... I've got a whole list of lamb dishes if you'd like to try them.


Hi Kirk, another great post about another restaurant that's in my neck of the woods that I didn't know about. I'd love to see your list of lamb dishes. I love to cook, and I'm always on the lookout for new things to try. Do you know of the English cook Nigella Lawson? She's had a couple shows on thefoodnetwork. she had an excellent recipe for lamb shoulder with mint and pomegranate seeds. Really great combo.


Hi Stephen - I should do wall to wall lamb post one of these days. I've seen a few of Nigella's shows.


some random 411:
That strip mall has become a community center of sorts. During the warmer months, the male patrons will socialize outside, under the overhang. The restaurant space was completely rebuilt a couple of years ago after it fell victim to arson.


Hi Toisan - Thanks for the info....BTW, have you eaten at Safari Grill?


Hi Kirk. I haven't eaten there yet. I just collect their rent. But after looking at your pics and reading about it, I think the next time I'm there I will order a meal.


Hi Toisan - We thought the lamb was pretty good....the "chicken legs" (drumsticks) looked good as well. I'd love to hear what you thought of the food!


this is so amazing to me as a Somali person to have someone other then Somali people go to that restaurant lol. my dad goes there everyday to socialize and yes it is a cultural thing. it's mostly men hanging out at those restaurants. I'm glad you liked it.

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