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Tuesday, 17 February 2009



Oh my! How yucky!


That is too bad. I was thinking of trying this place.


Oh that's just too bad! And you guys drove all the way here from SD for it! I'm sorry (now feel a little guilty about my post)...

The beef noodle soup indeed looked way different. Where were the veggies? My mom said the same thing about the texture of the bun. This restuarant is now officially on my "don't go again" list.

Fat Fudge

Just looking at the picture of the raw dumpling turned my stomach! I hope you and the Mrs. don't get sick.


Hi Tammy - Yes, that was kinda gross....

Hi Liz - I think you should still try them out....but check the dumplings before just eating them.

Hi eileen - Don't feel bad, stuff like this happens. Even if you hadn't done your post, I still had the place on my list.

Hi FF - Thanks for thinking of us. This was a couple of weeks back, and the only time I feel ill is when I see that photo.....


The bowl of beef noodles looked more like the one on Pepsi Monster's post. Bad buns are just wrong!


Hi Kirk, would you or the missus know if they sell frozen shengjian bao at Ranch 99? Maybe I'll check them out at lunch today.. Thanks for the post.

Green Turtle

Hunan in RB has good NRM, and it's the same price as this place (6.50).

Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

Sorry to hear about the bad experiences at Kingburg Kitchen for you and the missus. It's a bummer because obviously I have a much different take on what the food was like. Poor Eileen got the subpar service to ruin it for her.

To be honest, if the events had happened to me the same way it was presented to you, I would be mortified myself as well. So it is not that easy to trust it again. But in all honesty, I do enjoy that place immensely and very sorry to hear about your experience after your long trip.


eww with the buns but wow with the black book!


Hi Carol - Uncooked pork buns are wrong....

Hi Dennis - You know, I have never looked for them, so you can tell me if you find them. We're trying to see if my MIL knows how to make them.

Hi GT - Thanks for the rec....I've eaten at Hunan before, and thought the food mediocre at best, but not the I'll make sure to give them a try.

Hi PM - Since we all had/have different experiences, I made sure to link to both of your posts.... For me, I found the NRM to be particularly bad, lacking any depth of flavor. The Bao filling (when they are cooked) is good, but there's something about the bun that's not right for lacks any of the fluffy lightness.

Hi Kat - I needed to start carrying it around to help me remember stuff...


that sounds like such a drag especially since you travelled so far - and to be on the road and not sure about what your future holds... but at least the server was nice about it. dang now you got me thinking about those buns again!


Hi FH - We try to make the best of our trips back to the SGV.....and weren't too concerned about our health. I mean, you see all the stuff we eat. We were a bit disappointed, but we'd never have known unless we tried it out.


Hi Kirk,

We've never tried the buns that you did, but have gotten their frozen potstickers twice (fish w/ chives; beef w/ ginger; chicken) and chive pockets which are all very good. Granted, we're cooking them at home, so no problem w/ undercooke meat. Their tsoung yao bang is ok, not great. Might be better if we deep fried it, but it comes out a little tough in the frying pan.


Hi Daantaat - How are you? It's been ages, I hope all is well. We've really never been back and usually get our Jiaozi fix from QingDao Bread Food or Lucuous Dumplings.

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