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Monday, 02 February 2009



Geez, my mouth is watering, Kirk! That must have been really really nice to experience, authentic food served by those who are experts in it. I always have that when having Thai food here in Holland , just can't help comparing it with the real deal I was always getting in Thailand.
after reading this post, I'm going nuts!! *lol*

Passionate Eater

Wow, I bow in deference to your powress (in terms of eating shao loeng baos, twice, and then Korean BBQ)! I am not worthy!!


I miss me some kkbq. :-(


Somehow, my morning bagel isn't very satisfying after reading this post.

I like it when a restaurant has posters and fliers, especially with photos. Some of the best dishes are listed that way. But it's a real bummer when they're not in English.


Wow, that looks good! We always have leftovers when we eat Korean bbq. So, did you guys have to sing to keep each other awake on the drive home?


If Kirk and his friend are singing on the way home. I would pay to see that.


Hey Kirk!
Happy new year and how the heck are you?
Did I miss this trip? I don't like to miss out on good food. Sorry, I was so sick that day otherwise you know I would be there.

We went to Buga, they didn't give us that much meat. What is that black bean panchan? I didn't like it.

Hope to hear more good food from you!


Hi Thess - It's so great to hear from you! I hope all is well.

Hi PE - Actually, are ability to last was due to the "EatingMachine". We wouldn't have been able to last without him.

Hi Billy - They must have some in SA!

Hi Sandy - Isn't it funny that the only word in English is "SALE" on each of the fliers?

Hi Amy - LOL! Singing on the way home? That's more of a death wish!

Hi Beach - Be careful what you wish for! ;o) You'd wish you were deaf!

Hi Tammy - Yes, this is the trip you missed. I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Wandering Chopsticks

There's a Hwang Hae Do in Artesia that's covered with posters too. Except, it specializes in mandu. Not that I've had too many, but their mandu were pretty darn good. I wonder if the two are related?


Hi WC - Yes, I believe they are. We had just had so many baos, that we couldn't do the mandu here.


I am so hungry right now. If I was in that car, I'd be passed out from food coma. And y'all would have to sing to drown out my snoring!


Hi Carol - Believe me....our singing would give you major nightmares!

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