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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Porta Rickin Rick

Hmmm, they look pretty good for SD. I haven't been there in a minute, but Tom's BBQ in City Heights used to be pretty good years back. I agree with the inconsistency, but the guys at Sam Woo are always really nice to me. All smiles and jokes and lessons on how to eat the duck (as if it were complicated). What about Cam Ky?


It's 10pm and I am so craving for roasted duck. What did you do to me, Kirk?! I like the duck and the sausage (the soft fatty kind) from Alhambra Sam Woo a lot! Maybe I'll go get a 1/2 duck this weekend. ^^


I haven't try roasted duck at Jasmine Togo yet, I'll give it a try since I'm just near by. I used to order a lot of togo or even eat at Sam Woo, though I know it's not the cleanest place and the service is not always nice. But I still go there because I understand how hard it is to work all day at a busy restaurant. Recently, they've just pushed it too far. I came to order the roasted pig for my wedding, I don't know why they gave me such hard time, so I ended up going to Tom BBQ =( Haven't been back to Sam Woo ever since.

Happy Mardi Gras to everyone at mmm-yoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


everything looks good from this side of the internet :)

ed (from Yuma)

It's all better than the roast duck in Yuma (what roast duck?).

Last time at SamWooSD, my regular guy wasn't there, so I got the skinny old duck reserved for the great unknowns. I just need to channel a Cantonese grandmother and yell, "No, not that duck - that one over there." Oh well, next time.


Kirk! You & the Missus were just down the street from us in time you better give us a call! Jacob wants to meet his Uncle Kirk! :)


Just in case you missed it (hope you don't mind Kirk): "though it is with a few reservations since I've gotten some pretty lousy duck from here at times." ;)

Man, I'ma gunna hafta git me sum dat in dah near fucha.


Hi PRR - How to eat duck??? Actually, one of the links at the end of the post goes to my post on Cam Ky.

Hi Eileen - That location of Sam Woo's is the model of consistency for us. Enjoy your duck!

Hi YY - Fat Tuesday, on Wednesday to you, the Hubby, and your sister. I'm hoping to see you guys soon!

Hi Kat - Even the stained container?? ;o)

Hi Ed - What's the old saying...."In a town of blind men, the one eyed man is king."

Hi Pam - I'll make sure and do that next time!

Hi Jan - LOL! I did that on purpose..... I guess no one gets the joke. ;o)


Hi Kirk! I've not commented here for a while. And I'm apologizing now because this is a long post. I moved to Germany in Dec '08 and will be here for the next 3 years of my life. The only way I'll get some good Asian, Mexican, etc. foods is when I come home on vacation. Oh well, the price I will pay for a laid back-good paying job that will also pay for my adventures in Europe. Yehey!
Regarding roast duck, have you ever heard or tasted of dried roast duck? I bought one at the 99 Ranch Market in Richmond, CA which is located in the SF Bay area. I was at the market on a Saturday late morning and I saw a long line in and around the dim sum counter. I asked a lady in line about what people were waiting for and she said that they were all waiting for the dried roast duck to be put out. I decided to get in line and was lucky to get the 2nd to the last one available! It was good and not fatty, not tough and very tasty. I've asked at the Clairmont Mesa 99 Ranch and at Sam Woo's but they told me they've heard of it but they don't sell it. And the men behind the counter at Sam Woo's told me that yes, it's better than regular roast duck. I wonder why they don't tell the owner(s) to start selling dried roast duck? But if you ever get a chance to order it, you won't regret it.
I miss San Diego!

Green Turtle

Does Sieu Sieu BBQ (the little place down the street from 99) have good roast duck? I hear their wonton (w/ shrimp) soup is really good.


You know me, Kirk. I am so about the roast duck! But I have to agree that the duck at Jasmine Express has been very fatty and greasy these past few months. Been there 4 times and only 2 of them had really good flavor, but all were very fatty. Even 1 seemed liked it was undercooked (yuk).

Also, we learned that it's better when I buy the duck rather than da Mister. They seem to give him the gringo runt duck most of the time.


Hi Kirk.. Oh man that photo of Sam Woo in Alhambra brought me back a lot of memories. I've had the duck at Jasmine Express a few months back and was similar to your recent experience. Since I prefer one with more flavor maybe why I find myself at Sam Woo in 99 Ranch.. Where's that bowl of rice!? :)


Roast duck is like roast pig; it's all about the skin. I'm with the Missus. By the time I get to the meat, I'm wondering that the big deal is. However, if you keep the bones and make a ramen stock... Soooo gooood...


Kirk, remember when frozen roast duck was available in the freezer sections of grocery stores, then for some odd reason it wasn't?


Hi Shirley - Nice to hear from you....I'm always wondering what happens when folks just suddenly stop commenting. It is good to know you're well. If you knew the name of the "dry roast duck" perhaps then I might know....sounds delicious. I hope you enjoy the fruits of Europe! And don't be a stranger, ok?

Hi GT - You can find my post on Sieu Sieu here:

I thought the BBQ Duck was better than the Roast Duck.

Hi Dennis - To me Sam Woo is a salt lick with tough skin....but hey, if you enjoy it, by all means....

Hi CP - Then again if you've ever had the perfect dark meat from a roast pig.... To me it's the sum of the parts. But they don't call you CP for nothin'! Good to know you're live a kickin'.

Hi RONW - I remember them being called "San Francisco Ducks" for some reason


I miss roasted duck period.


What a great, and exhaustive, review of duck in town!

Also, I published a review on review of the Linkery’s burger on A Hamburger Today.


Thanks for the exhaustive post on Roast Duck.
What is your opinion on the lack of great duck in San Diego? Cooks don't know how to cook it?
They are apathetic about the whole thing? It's difficult to find quality duck? Too time-consuming? Just curious.


Hi Billy - You should be able to get some in your part of the woods I'm sure....

Hi Colin - Nice post.

Hi Stephen - A combination of lack of competition, lack of population, lack of cooking talent, lack of a lot of things.....


BBQ any time any Asian BBQ I would have to be up too early.

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