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Tuesday, 10 February 2009



I have watched Top Chef episodes with "Frankie the Bull" I was not favorably impressed with his culinary skill but I would go for the nostalgia aspect. He seems to be the down to earth type chef who would do good with BBQ- type soul food.


Frankie the Bull's will be interesting to check out. You're right about the yogurt shops. It seems like wherever I go in SD, there's a new one opened. Wasn't frozen yogurt like an 80's fad? They even replaced the Cold Stone Creamery in hillcrest with a yogurt place. ;( BTW Pinkberry and Red Mango, is way over rated. They only have 2 flavors, and then you pay extra. And, its pretty tart.


Hi Chris - Sounds promising.....

Hi Stephen - They're everywhere, aren't they? It seems like no matter what amount of yogurt you get, you'll pay at least $5.


So many restaurants, so little time. It must be tough to be a food blogger.kakaka


Hi Beach - Tough job....but someone's gotta do it! ;o)


Fondue and Sushi? Maybe fondue isn't cutting it and adding sushi to supplement? I dunno.

Faine G

Fro-yo is absolutely taking over Sacramento as well. It's all that self serve stuff that kinda grosses me out for some reason though...

the office goat

So you have a platter of sushi, and you have 3 pots over burners set in front of: water(shabu shabu), oil(DIY tempura?), and molten swiss cheese (what doesn't go better with melted cheese?).

Who's gonna be first to dip a spider roll into the cheese??


Heh - the second Korean restaurant is apparently serving "flower crab" (kkotge - 꽃게), probably in the gejang (raw marinated crab) style.


Heh, the sushi and fondue place has given me the mental image of sashimi dipped in melted cheese. >_<

Both the Ethiopian place and the Dokdo Sushi place have gotten the Girlfriend's attention; I bet I will be visiting them quite soon.


For those who are ignorant of the irony of store name Dokdo Sushi. Dokdo is an islet in middle of East Sea/Sea of Japan which claimed and controlled by Koreans but contested by Japanese.


I watch Top Chef and I don't even remember Frankie the Bull. Must've been one of the ones eliminated early. Now if it were Richard Blais or Hung...


feel better soon!


"I'm feeling a bit under the weather" -> Take care and get better soon! ^_^ The flu seems to be going around our work office...must be that time of the year.


Fusion Sushi Fondue? Strange, but intriguing! I agree that a new froyo place pops up just about everyday but I cannot complain!


Hi Carol - A bit of a strange combo, huh?

Hi Faine - I dunno, after a big meal, some tart fro-yo may be just the thing....

Hi TOG - You have a point....some of those rolls, may taste better rolled in cheese! ;o)

Hi Ed - I've heard it's not that good....

Hi Fred - Let me know what you're experience was like.

Hi Brian - Yes, I know......but I've seen stranger names here in San Diego and OC. Personally, I don't think we have too many "ignorant" folks reading....

Hi Elmo - Hung??? I wonder what he'd name the restaurant....

Hi Kat - Thanks.

Hi Kathy - Thanks...must be the weather.... Hope you're keeping warm!

Hi Sharon - Never met a fro-yo you didn't like, huh? My semi lactose intolerant self envies you!


Frankie the Bull has already had a change in ownership and is now called "Bull's Smokin' BBQ" without Frankie in the name. So Frankie may have been the own who was bought out. New website:


Hi Monty - That didn't last long did it?


I reviewed this spot and linked to your review:


Thanks Soo!

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