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Wednesday, 04 February 2009



what a great experience! thank you for sharing this!

Wandering Chopsticks

Ooh, the meat-stuffed lemongrass looks wonderful. Do you have a more exact recipe or should I try making it with just the ingredients you listed?

ed (from Yuma)

Wow! Amazing. Thanks!


Yah yah...stuffed lemongrass...

"I can't believe I made this...."

Man, that happens all too seldom for me...but is well worth the wait when it does happen on occassion.

Man, drinking and cooking in paradise. Sigh.


Hi Kat - I'm glad you enjoyed this. It was so much fun.

Hi WC - I've got the recipe, so how about this. I'll try to make it in the next few weeks. If not, I'll email you the recipe, and I'm sure you'll do a great version.

Hi Ed - I'm glad to enjoyed.

Hi Jan - The variety of flavors was amazing. And I still can't believe I made that.....


I would love to know more about the water buffalo dish but doubt I'd find that here. Bishers does sell buffalo, wonder if that's the same?


Thanks Kirk!

I love your cooking class posts. How fun. Joy sounds like he was the perfect cooking instructor =)


Hi Kirk,

How come you were uncomfortable making the sticky rice? I had a similar steamer (from Thailand though) and it was really easy to steam sticky rice. You don't even need to soak it overnight.


I'm overwhelmed with this experience of your (translation: jealous!!) Stuffed lemongrass looks terrific!
Thanks for sharing, Kirk :)


Hey Kirk, loved reading about your experience at the cooking class. I have a bunch of lemon grass growing and would love the recipe for the stuffed lemongrass, fried or grilled. Looks really good!


Hi Carol - Different species I believe.... but the meat is very lean, much like buffalo.

Hi Lynnea - Joy had a great sense of humor, and kept things moving along.

Hi Michelle - Mainly because I like good sticky rice. In San Diego, there is only one place that makes consistently good sticky rice. There's lots of lousy sticky rice out there..... Even on this trip, there were only a handful of places that made good sticky rice....I was surprised that this class was on of them.

Hi Thess - It was fun cooking all that stuff.

Hi Arlene - OK, i'll make an effort to do a post....


Your posts are always so different :) Great to see all those different dishes!

Being a food wuss, I would of passed on the ox bile as well. Makes me laugh because taurine is in alot of the popular energy drinks. Psst it's a bile product! Heheh what the young kids don't know ^_^

I really like your food travel posts because you don't follow the usual tourist traps :) Thank you!


Hi Darqrat - Thanks so much for the kind words. We do get caught in those tourist traps once in a while, but try not to. LOL on the taurine.....I think folks would be okay if it wasn't so bitter, and called bile! ;o) Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time to comment.


wow Kirk, that was quite an exciting lesson in cooking! I haven't done anything besides hamburgers and hotdogs on a charcoal grill, I'm terrible at the whole timing thing and keeping things going... anyways the food looks fantastic and I'd love to see the recipe for the stuffed lemongrass as well.


Hi FH - It much more fun than I thought it'll be. I'll try to get the stuffed lemongrass done over the next couple of weeks.

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