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Sunday, 22 February 2009



nicely written you definitely ate everything there. and that plate of herbs/spices mix looks so refreshing and delicious. and those "small" frogs look pretty big to me haha


man there were a lot of dishes that I don't know if I would have tried...thanks for sharing!


Great rundown! I guess if the good kids get the pig brain, the naughty ones get the other end.


Hi Sawyer - It was a major "macro mode" photo! Those frogs were pretty tiny.

Hi Kat - I think you'd have tried them if you were there!

Hi Trent - LOL! The good kids get the pork brains.....the bad kids.....fried pork rectum! ;o)

Wandering Chopsticks

It's we who should be thanking you, Kirk! It's your openness to exploring so many cuisines and your vivid descriptions and your willingness to share it all that makes your blog so wonderful.

This meal would have been pretty challenging for me to enjoy from the whole frogs to the insects. Whooeee! Too much for me.


Hi WC - Oh thanks so much, that's very kind of you! I honestly believe that if you were there, you'd have no problem eating this stuff....even fish poo!


After reading both of your Luang Prabang post. Nanimoku is down right "boring". I am not 100 % convince that I could eat what you have eaten. Man, that is impressive. I wish I was there. Maybe a few more year. Thanks for all the wonderful information.


Hi Beach - I kinda know what you mean......I felt I had to finish this second part ASAP. You'd have no problem with all.

Masa Assassin

I love this stuff Kirk I'm not sure if Id go for that last critter, but I've had my share of insects. The grasshoppers look way bigger and different then the Oaxacan grasshoppers I'm familar with. Never had bee larvae, but Im curious now. Great stuff thanks for sharing.


wow, great fun as usual kirk! I grew up near a creek and am familiar with the various stages from frogspawn to tadpole to tiny frog and I couldn't for the life of me see frog in that stew, so I'm assuming it was still more tadpoley?

Michelle! THis is awesome! I love frogs but I don't know if I can take the larvae and the spiky bugs =) Do they offer a more "toned-down" meals without the bugs? I have been following this series for awhile and had a mental check "yup, I can eat that!" for all items you've eaten so far. Until the bugs hit the table...hehehe..

This blog is just wonderful Kirk =)


Hi MA - Tamarind does a nice job....that beetle was just a bit much for me.

Hi FH - In that close-up of the bowl, the little frog is upside was a grown frog. I should've done a better job with the "photo-op". Hopefully I'll get another chance.

Hi Michelle - This is the most "adventurous" thing Tamarind does. Most everything else are more like the dishes I made in cooking class, or traditional Lao BBQ's and such. If you ever get to LP, please check them out!


Was that a Rhinoceros beetle? Whew, I know you say if I was there, I'd probably try everything but not sure I can do some of those bugs, especially cockroach looking ones. But I would definitely try the pig brain. Oink-oink


Zimmern's got nothin' on you! Frogs legs I've had, but whole bite-sized frogs?! Egads! This was a fascinating read!


Hi Carol - Yes it was..... oink-oink to you as well! ;o)

Hi Elmo - I dunno, I think this is just everyday food for some.....quite different for us though.


This was all so very beautiful Kirk. I know I'll be appreciating it even more as I learn more about the culture and cuisine. Thanks again. Cheers,


Hi Dennis - I think you'd love Laos.....


Thanks for sharing your passion for food. That was awesome I hope to travel and experience the joy of eating ;-)


Hi Billy - Thanks so much! Hope things are going well for you in SA!

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