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Sunday, 01 February 2009



looks delicious! between your posts and Kathy's, I really want to try pupusas!


the pacayas looked like strands of a mop to me! ooh a leading comment to end the post, you guys going traveling so soon? I wish there was a pupusa place on my way to work now that I have a craving!

Masa Assassin

Great Post! I love Pupusa de Chicharron now I'm craving one. The place on Imperial Ave is in my rotation, are the affiliated? Can’t say I've tried Pacayas Forradas con Huevo but it looks interesting.

AZ hiding in the weeds

I Googled and one site says its date palms, I guessing the flower before it becomes dates?


i'd been eyeing this place for a bit - looks like i'll be going there soon to try those pacayas...and their version of pupusas as well. i've only had el salvadoreno's...


Hi Kat - I'm sure you'll love pupusas!

Hi FH - They do like look mop strands don't they?

Hi MA - First off, welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging. The two restaurants are not affiliated.

Hi AZ - Thanks for coming out of the weeds for this one! Yes, one site said it was the flower of the English Date Palm - but the genus Chamaedorea, is pretty large and vast. Whatever it is, it is the flower of the Chamaedorea aguilariana.

Hi CC - Personally, I think the Pupusa de Chicharron here is better. The ambiance is not however, so be forwarned.

Passionate Eater

Haha, I loved how you pulled a chicken wing tip from under that foreign (almost alien, but delicious) looking food item! That is like a mini yummy surprise to gnaw on!


Hi Kirk. Thanks for the post. El Salvador is in my neighborhood, but I've never tried it. Would you recommend this place over the other one you've posted about previously?


Hi PE - Who doesn't love a bonus....

Hi Stephen - They are both good, but I like the pupusas here better. What's even better is, that the prices are very reasonable, so you can try them both out!


hi kirk
thanx for the recommendation.

ambience isn't too important to me, as long as the food is good!

Wandering Chopsticks

Is that a hint for your next trip? :)


Hi CC - Than you'll probably enjoy the place....only one or two gals working, one person cooking....

Hi WC - Perhaps.......


I love your blog! I really appreciate your mention of vegetarian items on menus even though you're meat eaters. Regarding the papusa, I'm guessing they are fried in lard or not vegetarian but if you know for sure and could advise, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


Hi Amy - The pupusa is definitely not vegetarian. Without a doubt it had that L-A-R-D thingy.....

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