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Thursday, 12 February 2009



wow that reuben looks soo good. and the cream puff too. for 4.50 it better be HUGE, and it certainly looks so. a friend introduced me to this place while I still went to school down there. you're right, the menu is quite extensive...took me a lonnnggg time to decide what i wanted to get. the bakery is always nice too while you wait!


Chicken liver and onion omlette??! Oh man, I need to get back there. It's been too long!


Boy, that cream puff would go really well with my cup of coffee right about now.


Hi Sawyer- that is the take home sandwich -About ten minutes old- You don't know hw badly I wanted to tear open that bag when at a stop light.

Ah yes, JF- my perfect breakfast. I crave chicken livers.

Oh Carol- you'd need minimally two cups of coffee to go with the cream puff. That is a dark chocolate...oh and there is custard on the bottom of the whipped cream.


Oh god..the cream puff looks soooo good


The corned beef reuben looks delicious !


How big is that cream puff?! Holy moly!


The bakery items are fresh daily, Michelle.

The corned beef is excellent here, bateling. The reuben (with kraut and the toasted rye) blends the flavors together. Welcome.

I added a comparison photo with oneof those 240 mL mandarin orange drink cans, caroline...The cream puff is large and heavy and fresh and worth every penny of the $4.50.


hi cathy,
that is a bigass cream puff! actually i've always wanted to try dz aikins...your post has inspired me to get out there and check it out


You do get quality food for your money, cc. I really have tried just about everything on the menu here (long story) and can honestly say I have never been disappointed.


wow. that cream puff looks amazing! how's that potato salad? I'm starving!


I crave the potato salad from here, FH. It has a different texture- smooth, almost mashed poatoes, and the shreded carrots give it texture. No vinegar, I suppose mayo based. About ten years ago it also had it with garlic and I *really* liked that one, but they stopped making it and now only have the 'plain' potato salad. I was so paranoid to write much with that blue bold underlined text. Sorry for not much of a description.

Jollibee Food Corporation

I already tried onion omelet.I like corned beef with potato bits(sliced in small pieces)..that is what I usually cook for breakfast.


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