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Saturday, 17 January 2009



Yum! I started making stroganoff for my mom with boneless skinless chicken breast, which sounds weird, but works well. I use tomato paste instead of sauce, because chicken is juicier, I guess, so it doesn't thin the sour cream so much it won't coat. So, if anyone has a picky, non red meat eating family member, give it a try. (Doesn't every family have someone who won't eat something?)


delicious. i learned a new thing today, thanks! by the way, did you make those beets yourself?

ed (from Yuma)

You know this is also close to a paprikash - just cover the meat with good paprika before browning. I tend to stew the meat longer in broth (so I opt for paste instead of sauce, like Amy).

Anyway, thanks for another simple and good recipe.


Amy and ed- Thanks for the great ideas. I was always not using the whole can of tomato paste and stopped buying them because I ended up with waste and just this week discovered they sell tomato paste in tubes. I don't know where I have been.
Glad to have helped, Sawyer. Yes, I pickle (and grow) beets. Two ways: cook beets and use leftover pickle juice from jars, or a simple recipe: 2 C white vinegar, 1/2 C raw sugar, 6 whole cloves and 1/2 Tsp white peppercorns. Different flavors, but both easy and excellent.


The Mister loves beef stroganoff but hasn't "perfected" his recipe yet. I'm passing this along so he can make it. :-)

Before I discovered tomato paste in a tube, I used to freeze leftover tomato paste by tablespoon size dollops. Put them on a plate, stick in the freezer, when frozen, put them in a freezer bag and that way you'll have tablespoon amounts all ready. A pain but saved me from throwing out half cans of paste.


I have to try your recipe someday!

By the way, I watched Good Eats the other night, and Alton said the same thing about top sirloin! :-) I found that Costco has a very good deal, $2.99/lbl, but you have to buy a huge package!

Thanks for posting!


Oh, Carol...I thought I had all the helpful hints and had never heard that one. Makes sense, though...I will remember, since yesterday I found three cans of paste I had not used... I hope your Mister can combine what he likes from my recipe with what he likes.
Welcome to the comment side of the blog, ddhac. I haven't seen an episode of Good Eats since before Thanksgiving-I've been busy with stuff. I do learn a lot from that show though. The bulk pack of top sirloin was on sale for $2.99/lb at Vons, but early in the morning, around 7, the smaller packs of meat and fish have markdowns (you can see where the 30% off sticker was removed).


Looks delicious! I like the idea about cutting the onions into big pieces. I too cook for someone that greatly dislikes onions.


It's been years of accomodating, Darlene. I see you'll be getting married soon. Just so you know: nobody changes. I always thought he'd come around to liking onions...but unless covered in crispy batter or at the bottom of a soup bowl with a layer of cheese on top, The Mister still won't touch those wonderful vegetables. More for me! (I get both raw and grilled at In-N-Out)

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