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Sunday, 11 January 2009



Have you ever had fish tacos in Baja? Or Ensenada specifically? How do they compare to this chain?


The food looks good! It's amazing what goes into making those floats. And getting a close-up really gives one the appreciation of the intricate work!


oh I want that fish taco combination plate right now please!


Hello, Anthony. Welcome to the commenting side of the blog. The flavor does seem to be as I recall from 30 years ago. In any case, the way the food tastes and is prepared now is excellent.

Hey, Carol. Happy New Year. I have enjoyed being able to show some of the behind the scenes details in prior years and thought a peek into what happens after the parade was a good idea... If you are in the area and see that "World's best Fish Tacos" sign, just stop the car. I am so glad we did.

Obviously no food related New Year Resolutions, eh, FH?

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