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Friday, 23 January 2009



Kirk - I am sad that I won't be missing the festival this year. Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading all your food adventures.


Oops I meant that I won't be attending this year. I guess it's a little early for me still. :(


Awesome! Since I'm in town, I think I'll have to make an appearance :-) Thanks for the info!

ed (from Yuma)

Seems like so much fun and food. That bun rieu really looks good. Makes me hungry. Thanks, I guess.


Thanks for the reminder. I completely forgot it was this weekend. Hopefully I can convince the Mister to go with me tomorrow.


Hi Kirk. I had the Bun Rieu at the festival after reading about it here. Thanks for the suggestion! It warmed me up nicely. The Mister enjoyed a spicy papaya salad with beef jerky, and we both snacked on yummy eggrolls and fried bananas. Happy new year!


Hi Mscinda - Oh, that's too bad...hopefully, next year!

Hi G - Welcome home! I hope you have a great time.

Hi Ed - It was ok...what impressed me was the amount...

Hi Carol - I hope you have a chance to check it out.

Hi Gina - Happy New Year to you as well. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.


Hi Kirk!

Matthew and I made it to the festival this year! Lots of fun and many yummy snacks. Thanks for the reminder.


Hi Lynnea - I'm glad you enjoyed the Tet Festival!


that looks like an interesting collection of eats and stuff!

The Guilty Carnivore

Gung hoy fat choy, Kirk.


Hi FH - It is very interesting....

Hi GC - Same back at ya'!!!

karen tran

I actually stopped by VSA-SDSU's booth to get some banh khot. it was really good! although it took them some time to get started it was worth the wait. plus, its much more difficult for students to compete with restaurants or people who have been doing it for so long. so i applaud them for doing a good job.


Hi Karen - I'm glad you enjoyed the Tet Festival. I also like that you "get it". This is a festival, and it is festival food, and should be enjoyed in that spirit.

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