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Tuesday, 06 January 2009



Amazing - a pho restaurant in Little Saigon that wasn't open yet at 10am?!!? Were you headed for Pho Thang Long?

I've come to the same conclusion about the rare beef (tai). But filet mignon - that's different!


hey kirk,
what is the advantage of getting the beef on the side?


I just got back from Pho Lucky and after reading this post, I can go for another bowl already. That filet looks really tender.


Kirk, how many bowls of pho have you had over the years?

Passionate Eater

I think they need to create a special pho recipe just for you. Maybe "Pho Kirk" or "Mmm-Yoso!! Pho."


sorry I had to laugh when you mentioned "pho double"...your photos always look delicious!


Hi Sandy - No Pho Kimmy, for the rich dark broth.

Hi Dave - It doesn't overcook and go control the cooking.

Hi Carol - It literally melted in my mouth.

Hi RONW - I've lost count.... really. My MSG level must be through the ceiling.

Hi PE - LOL! he-he-he......

Hi Kat - I've had folks mention that they all look the same... so I thought I'd mention that as well. ;o)


I think I've eaten here once and I liked it. That's a great price for filet mignon pho actually! It's a few bucks more at Quan Hop, my current pho favorite.

jeff c

looks great, another diamond found. I've seen recipes for pho which call for vinegar pickling. But when I eat pho at these places, the onions don't taste vinegary. I wonder if I misread the recipe.


Hi Elmo - Man the lines I've seen at Quan Hop...... Hopefully, I'll get to try it one day soon.

Hi Jeffrey - Vinegar pickling, huh? That's an interesting one......

jeff c

Kirk, I meant just for the onions.



You really know how to pick them. Thanh Lich is known for their Filet Mignon "Tai". Most Vietnamese Pho Rest. will give you clear broth if you ask for it. I know a lot of Vietnamese who would ask for extra "fat" on the side. One of your reader refer to "Hanh Dam" as a side dish. This side dish always have Vinegar in it because "Dam" is vinegar. By the way , it is "Ngo Gai". Pho Kimmy is losing its appeal. They do not taste as good as they used to be. It is still better than most. By the way, there is a Pho 86 in the same mall near Stater Bros. market also pretty good.


Hi Beach - I always like to see how things are served by a place before doing the Nuoc Beo thing. I enjoyed this was quite good, nothing like it here in San Diego. I'll.... or maybe we'll have to check out Pho 86 next time!


You got me in stitches with the "family 'pho'to"! I'll cite you the next time I use it ;-)


Hi G - You are too kind..... it's really nice to see that someone enjoys the rather corny "puns" I come up with. Thanks!

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