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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Judy Lee

Yet again, I'm pretending my oatmeal is a piping hot bowl of ramen...

I need to start reading your blog during dinner time! I made my miso glazed chilean sea bass last night! MmmmmMmmMMmmmmmmm. That's better.


Hi Judy - There you go! ;o)


I pass this place daily and new stuff opens up all the time.

Next time you're around, check out 85 Degrees C. It. Will. BLOW. Yer. MIND!


Wait a OLD are you anyway??! ;)


Hi Elmo - Sounds good....thanks for the recommendation.

Hi Jan - Old enough to know better!!! ;o)

Passionate Eater

Jan, Kirk is eternally youthful and handsome! The Missus and the Boyz keep him that way!


LOL PE!!!! I should pay you to write comments for me! ;o)


Mmmm, noodle slurpage is similar to tasting wines no? You need to aerate properly so that every single tastebud gets its share.


Hi FH - So I've been told....though I don't notice any difference. Maybe I'm just concentrating on slurping a bit too much.

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