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Monday, 19 January 2009


ed (from Yuma)

That zone of cheap eats keeps getting smaller and smaller. Used to be a $5 lunch was standard - now it seems rare (well except for a banh mi).

Thanks for the report!

Yeah, Kirk, I can tolerate mediocre food, but bad service really gripes me. Bad service is what kills most restaurants and business establishments.


I miss the Asian food of SoCal.


Funny, I had a similar experience when I tried the place out for the first time last week. A bunch of servers milling about, seems like three were waiting on me, my requested water didn't come with my soup, and there were a couple of the employee's kids having a full on battle in and out and in and out of the restaurant.

I think I'm pretty good with chop sticks for someone who didn't grow up using them. But at my slightest fumble with a won ton (they were watching!), I was asked rather brusquely if I needed a fork. I said, "No, but could I get a glass of water?"

Also, this kid of thing isn't limited to this place, but I have a pet peeve about having my condiments swapped out while I'm in the middle of eating. I usually dine pretty early, but having worked in restaurants, I know that it is easy enough to handle this before you open your doors. And if you want to save money and have it done after opening, handle the other tables, and wait for me to leave.

The soup was decent, but I think I prefer the version they serve across the parking lot at Hong Kong Express (very simple I'll warn you--no shrimp chips, etc. just won tons and noodles). I did enjoy the pickled chillies, but didn't notice any French's mustard.

Yah, seemed a bit expensive for what I got. For my money, I'll probably stick with Pho next time...although variety is the spice of life. Then again, pho comes with a wide variety of meat. ;)


That's funny, since hot tea is just so easy to make and serve. seems like it would automatically be the first thing to the table.


Hi Ed - yeah.....pretty soon only Carne Asada Burritos and Banh Mi will make the under $5 list.

Hi Alan - Agreed, though hopefully LHK will get it's act together.

Hi Billy - Welsome back, we missed you. I hope you're able to find some great eats in SA.

Hi Jan - The service seems to be a bit disorganized and scatter brained...and a bit uncaring. The broth at Luong Hai Ky used to be my favorite, but I've noticed that things have changed a bit.

Hi Lynnea - I think it's because they are not in synch yet. Hopefully they'll get organized as time goes by.


I'm food blog hopping :)

The Combination Crispy Noodle is called "I Fu Mie" here in Indonesia, usually got gravy on it.


Hi Selba - Welcome and thanks for taking the time out to comment. Since this is a Vietnamese style - Chinese Noodle House, I think they call the dish Mi Xao Thap Cam. And it is supposed to come with "gravy", which was seriously lacking in this instance.

Passionate Eater

Huh. I am speechless about the tea. Well, I guess I would make a comment about how "tip" is not included either, but leave one anyway. I would say that, just to see the look on their faces.


Hi PE - he-he-he... now why couldn't I have come up with that?


I have experienced quite the same experience when visiting this location when i went there to eat last week. I usually dine at the pho resturant across that street at Pho Ca Dao but since my friends and i figured, why not visit Luong Hai Ky since some of us have not been there since the grand opening. When we entered, there was a server who directed us to our table. Having plenty of time to look over the menu. We still did not get any service, no drinks offered, etc. There was only a few waiters (about 3-4) having to serve so many tables in the resturant at the same time. When we finally got a visit from one of the waiters, he could obviously tell we were irritated. The server quickly took our order and was off to another table. Yet again we had to wait for our food which took a long time. The food arrived after we stopped another server to check up on our food, and sure enough it finally arrived. We were only a table of four but the party consisting of seven nearby came in after us but they got their food before ours. We questioned, since there were so many tables compared to all the other vietnamese/chinese resturants, why were there only four waiters? The other resturants around this area were smaller but there's fast service,plenty of servers, great food, and great costumer service. This was the worst experience i had in a while at any resturant, and i would not recommend it, i would rather stick to the regular pho.


Hi Johnnym - Looks like this location has a bit to go servce wise.

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