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Thursday, 08 January 2009




Those foods look so yummy but hey seems a little pricey to me.

What I notice about the sticky rice is the color. I am use to seeing a white sticky rice. So far I have seen a mixture of red/white and black/white. Do they put food color on the rice or that is the actual color of it?


everything is so reasonable! been really enjoying your posts on your travels, thanks for sharing!


I noticed that your post call Somchan Restaurant but the body of the post say Somchanh restaurant. The menu is Somchan but the sign say Somchanh. Which is the correct name? Or is this a case of what others call Lenglish? I wish I was there. This year is out but 2010 will definitely have Luang Prabang on the agenda.


Hi Dallas - I'm not sure which price you're referring to...whether in Kip or translated into dollars. At the time of our visit, the exchange rate was about 8400-8500 Kip/Dollar. Just a few years ago, it was about 16000 Kip/Dollar, inflation. The prices at the restaurants in the area, as you'll see in future posts are about thhe same. The "red rice" was acually brown rice, but the flash distorted the color. That's why I didn't post the rest of my "night" photos. During all our other visits it was the standard white sticky rice.

Hi Kat - Thanks....sorry I'm taking so long to finish these.

Hi Beach - It is the Lao - "Lenglish" translation. The big sign in the front says Somchan, some of the menus say Somchan, that sign says Somchanh, some of the menus say Somchanh, on the map it says Somchan. To-may-to/To-mat-to??? ;o)

The Guilty Carnivore

It's been a long time since I've gotten this excited about a salad. Thx for the link to that dressing recipe - this reminds me a bit of what Mom used to make growing up as her "Caesar" salad, though she did use raw egg too. Can't wait to give it spin!


Hey GC - I hope you're keeping dry! If you do make Salat Nyam, I'd love to know how it turns out.


What? No rodents this post? LOL. Just teasing.
Thanks for the great pics. The food looks good. I like the shredded cucumber salad. Wish I knew how that was made.


Hi Stephen - Sorry to disappoint you! ;o) We'll do better next time... he-he-he. You know what, the cucumber salad is basically the same as a papaya salad, so you can start there!

Wandering Chopsticks

My mom also used to make a similar salad growing up. But she topped it with beef, so she added a bit of the beef juices with some chopped egg for the dressing.

BTW, I saw baby watercress at Trader Joe's that looked similar to what you have on the salad. I don't know if it tastes the same, but maybe it'll satisfy when the Missus has another craving. :)

Wandering Chopsticks

Oops. Meant to say, baby WILD arugula. Not the typical baby arugula in salad bags. Look on the shelf with the herbs.


Hi WC - mmmmm beef sounds like a great addition to the salad. We use the Baby Arugula from TJ's for sandwiches and salads.....good stuff, and a decent sub....


I'm so happy to have found your San Diego food blog. It's great to see Lao food (my people's cuisine!) given a fair section. Keep up the great reviews!


Hi William - Lao cuisine is fabulous.... fresh, great flavors! Thanks for taking the time out to read and comment!

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