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Monday, 05 January 2009



Ooo, all the dishes look grea but that monkfish liver looks heavenly. I'll have to reconsider visiting Kaito for my birthday dinner. And what wonderful way to end a nice shopping spree at a large fabric store! Hope Tina got lots of wonderful fabric.


Hi Ed - glad you tried Kaito! We'll have to get Kirk up there.

Keahi Pelayo

Do they ever ask questions when you are taking pictures of food.


I haven't liked ankimo in the past, but by your description, I just may try it at Kaito. Looking forward to the next half of your report!


If only my wife bribes me every time she ask me to drive her around.


I need to find a decent sushi joint.


Hey Ed - I think you got off easy! (Pssst, Tina, next time shoes, handbags, winnn-dow shopping........ ok)


You reminded me that it has been a long time since sushi. Now I am hungry.

ed (from Yuma)

Carol, Amy, the monkfish liver at Kaito is very good. It is also seasonal as he only works with top quality ingredients.

Kirk, bill, yeh, I got off way easy. But Tina likes good sushi too. Plus after 15 minutes in the fabric store, I went to a nearby Von's and stood amazed at the wine selection in a supermarket. I think wealthy people live in Solana Beach.

By the way, the fabric store is:
We R Fabrics
963 Lomas Santa Fe Dr
Solana Beach 92075 (858) 755-1175

Keahi, I just make sure my flash is turned off so I don't disturb folks. They are used to it at Kaito. Over here in Yuma, some people think I'm pretty crazy. But I remember going and dining with a friend in the early 90s who carried her SLR camera and lenses into restaurants and took photos. Back then, people figured we were with some magazine.

Candice, I'm sure Kirk is persuadable.


Those are some beautiful pictures. Btw, what was the total damage? I'd like to check this place out next time i head down

jeff c

the knife work and presentation by the chef is amazing or its your photos. This definitely looks like a great place. My only experience with monkfish liver was at the sushi place in Westwood Los Angeles. I wasn't too impressed. But it might have been the fish.

Thanks for the pictures and selection.

ed (from Yuma)

jeff, the knifework was outstanding. This ankimo was leaps and bounds above some others I have eaten.

sawyer, I was sure I had answered your question already, and was shocked to find no answer here. Us old folks should do less multi-tasking, I guess. Since a poor student asked the same question on the concluding post about Kaito, I will talk about cost there.

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