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Wednesday, 07 January 2009



Excellent finish to a very nice meal!


Hey Ed - Looks great. Too bad about the Kohada, though. It does have a bit of a milky flavor to me, but I really like the texture of it.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Carol. Yeah, it was a good meal.

Maybe the kohada was not of the best; I have no frame of reference. It is interesting to me that the items that I liked the least (kohada & anago) were requests by me. The things the chef recommended were all first rate. It makes me think that an omakase here might be quite excellent. Plus, those shrimp tempura rolls . . .


Hey Ed, I haven't seen fried eel bones in a long time! Sounds like a great restaurant.


How much does a meal like this cost? I've been dying to go here for a really long time, but since I'm a student I've been afraid of the price.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks, fh. A lotta folks (particularly in north County) really like the place.

Anand, the total cost (before tip) was just over $140 for two people. Almost all the sushi was served as 4 pieces, two for Tina and two for me. We also had two Yebisus (pretty spendy for a Japanese beer) and a glass of Otokoyama, a good sake from Hokkaido.

There are a couple of ways for a poor student to enjoy good sushi. I'm sure that you could sit at the bar at Kaito and tell Morita-san that you're a poor student and would like some sashimi or sushi and one or two cooked dishes, but that the cost had to be less than $? (before the tip). That way, he could create a meal for you within your price range. You could also be more specific about what you wanted - no fried foods or no red meat or whatever.

Another way is to have a chirashi. I failed to study the menu at Kaito, so I don't know if such is available there, but the chirashi at Sakura (which I posted about recently) includes some outstanding fish, a lot of sushi rice, and comes with soup for under $25, last time I checked. Save those pennies.

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