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Wednesday, 28 January 2009



Nuked ribs, hmmm. Maybe they were just heating up the broccoli. :-)

We've got a couple of places like that by my house. There's one in particular that I have to go back a 2nd time before passing final judgement. But I haven't been able to find anything close to Sab-E-Lee close by. :-(

Judy Lee

Luckily, this little piggy lives right next to Spices Thai Cafe in Carmel Valley ;)


hi kirk,
i hate it when ethnic restaurants "leave out" key ingredients to make their food more "americanized". there was a thai place in downtown chula vista (next to the old vogue theatre) that left out their dried shrimp and went really spare with the fish sauce in their papaya salad because they didn't want to offend their customers, although it was described in their do i know this - i asked and that's what the owner told me. nice. wtf...

hmm, microwave? :)


too bad it was bad...


Hi Carol - I haven't been able to find anything like Sab E Lee in San Diego..... ;o)

Hi Judy - Oink-Oink!

Hi CC - Hitting that balance between keeping true to what you're making versus just a business decision is difficult. Though I think a lot of folks think this is "real" Thai food.

Hi Kat - Yes, I want this place, a places like this to do well.


awww, I totally know what you mean. We have a great dearth of good thai restaurants where I live, and the few that we have all serve bland food w/o that spark that makes me want to eat there... a viscious circle indeed.


Hi FH - You're absolutely right.

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