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Tuesday, 13 January 2009



That burger does look pretty tasty. I'm chomping on my beef jerky and pretending it's a double stacker. :-p


Ohhh, we haven't been to Hodad's in a long time either, maybe a year and a half to two years ago? I remember my burger being yummy, but the milkshake was TO DIE FOR. :) Wish I had one of those milkshakes right now....


A few times a year I find myself traveling from Los Angeles to SD to visit my girlfriends parents, on one of these visits we did a Hodad's stop.

I'm an enormous burger fan and the bacon cheeseburger here did not disappoint. I especially enjoyed the wedge cut seasoned fries. I don't those around enough.

We did have a problem getting initially seated. We stood around for quite a while having no idea what the seating procedure was, and then when we were finally seated the service was pretty terrible.

Still, the burger was worth the aggravation. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

Rosie Bent

Woohoo! So glad I "tuned in", in time for BURGER WEEK! So far, I have been to both places. I also really love Crazee Burger in North Park! Hope you are going to do a segment on them in the future. Thanks for sharing these burger bloggin's!


I wish we had a Hodad's here...


I echo Kat, hehe ^_^

I think I would have been equally torn between burger v/s onion rings, and then have take the easy way out: put the onion rings IN the burger and eat it as one whole! heheee :D


Wow, friendly service at Hodads? =) Usually they're just completely uninterested.

I must say, I always enjoy their burgers, though.


hmm interesting. i used to work around ob when i was at school, and always saw this place, but never tried it out. that is one big ass burger, if you don't mind me saying so. yet another place to add on my list. do you have any suggestions of other good places in ob? i've tried that mexican place and some ribs place if they're still around, although i wasn't impressed with either...


Hi Carol - LOL! I love beef jerky, though.....

Hi Lori - I'd probably have a milkshake if I wasn't so darn lactose intolerant....maybe it's worth the "price".... hmmm....

Hi Mike - Yes, the grab your own menu, and grab a chair.... I really enjoyed the service this time around.

Hi Rosie - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! A lot of folks have recommended Tioli's.

Hi Kat - I wish I had all the great eats you have here!

Hi Kathy - I'm sure there are many great burgers in your part of the woods! Many, many, great burgers...and hot dogs....

Hi Lynnea - Yes, I was shocked.... the grump in the grey hoodie is still around though....

Hi Sawyer - Hodad's is a local favorite. You may want to try South Beach Bar & Grill, folks just love their fish tacos. Tell them to go easy on the crema though.


A single burger is plenty for me at Hodad's. I took my teenage nephew a while back, though, and he cheerfully polished off a double.

You've got me craving a burger now - I think I'll walk over to Rocky's for lunch...


i have to say, i have almost always been disappointed with a hodad burger every time i've eaten there. you really hit the nail on the head. they have a great bacon, and if you get a bacon cheese burger, it will probably taste pretty good. otherwise, it's just some low quality meat packed with a freaking salad. they don't just put a couple rings of onions on their burgers, the put like half of a freaking onion! (and i'm and onion lover) San Diego has much better burger options than Hodads. Have you tried the Urban Solace burger? mighty tasty!


Hi Mike - I think a single will do just fine for me in the future..... Hope you have a great burger!

Hi Amanda - US's burger is coming up...though you migt not be too happy with what I've got to say about it.


hi kirk
so that's what it's like...i always wondered about hodad's. i'm not a fan of crunchy shell like onion rings either. i like the coating to be crispy but not thick.

have you been to kahuna burger in pb (i haven't)? the only reason i ask is because of my love for pulp fiction. ha ha. big kahuna burger. "let me wash some of it down with your tasty beverage"


Hi CC - had a huuuge bun....not very good!

Passionate Eater

You overcame and prevailed Kirk! Next time, we are going to tackle the onion rings and the neverending burger on an empty and trained stomach!


Hiya Kirk! I confess I have a weakness for Hodad's big sloppy burgers. I must have some strange sort of luck with the joint, because I don't ever remember getting crappy service there. Though I totally avoid the place whenever they're slammed and have a line out the door.

You know, at the risk of committing sacrilege, I'll tell you what my other favorite burger joint in San Diego is: Veg'n'Out. Yes--the vegetarian burger joint. They have some big meaty burger patties that are mighty satisfying, and a couple dozen different big sloppy variations. Plus--avocado tempura. How can you resist giving it a whirl? :-D


Hi PE - LOL! .....better start training!

Hi Mizducky - Happy New Year! Veg'n Out??? That sounds interesting....


wow that'sa really big looking burger and so much cheese! oh yeah you did say double... did they double the bacon too?


Hi FH - I went sans bacon on this visit... think it would have surely finished me off! ;o)


Hey Kirk!

I asked them once about their delicious bacon, and they said they first boil it, then grind it up and form it into a patty, before it hits the grill.

All I know is I keep telling myself to get the BLT or Grilled Cheese with Bacon when I go, but I can't ever tear myself away from the bacon cheeseburger.

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