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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


the office goat

Too bad it's not off the 215 or it might be a regular Vegas trip stopping point. :)


We usually take the I-15 to Las Vegas from San Diego (I think we decided that taking I-215 added more miles to the trip). But we usually go further north before making a stop on the way to Vegas.

I have stopped at Tom's to buy strawberries, but have never dined there.


My grandmother lives in Riverside. I usually take the 215 up and the 15 back and always pass by this place. Perhaps we'll finally stop here. What happened to the rides?

Another interesting place a few miles East in Norco is Miguel's Jr. It's a Californian style Mexican restaurant (Americanized, but not quite to the extent of Taco Bell). Good stuff if you are in the mood.


I have always loved to stop for the fresh bread coming back from Vegas. Also, the veggie stand has some fresh killer guacamole in the fridge section, (the 2.99 size does not always make it back to San Diego), and always something unique on sale for cheap. (rhubarb, old style english peas, fennel, blood oranges, etc)


Hey, TOG-it is only 1.7 miles longer, with no construction, to take the 15 versus the 215. Worth the (negligible) extra fuel cost.

Hi Sandy-lots of things are on sale in season here. Ten there are the burgers. Taking the 215 is longer time-wise. I know the construction has been going on since 2002 at least.

We saw Miguels Jr on one of these trips, Jan. I have that mental note on a sticky. The rides were closed down, either because it was late or because it was the week between Christmas and New Year and not that busy.

You are right, mindless. We bought fennel this time: two for $1.19 and brussels sprouts were $1.49/lb. The Mister is always on the lookout for English peas and I know we got them here once. I recall an empty guacamole container making it out of our car one time...


that's a pretty good price for a burger. i've never seen this place before, but i will keep my eye out for it next time when i'm on the 15. what kind of root beer did they give you?


It is a good price and great quality, Sawyer. There is kind of a lot of signage advertising Tom's Farms, but only within a few miles of the exit. You can see it fro the freeway. There is an Arco and Carls, Jr right at the exit. Pretty sure it was Barq's root beer from the fountain.


I've driven by this place so many times and always wanted to try it.
Thanks for the post, Cathy, now I know i can safely go give it a try. =)


Welcome to the blog, Sha. I like your blog. I think people either think Tom's is so close to home they will someday stop there and don't get around to it, or they think it is a tourist trap. If you have been to tourist traps, you'd know this isn't. I'm glad I posted about Tom's. It is a fun (and tasty) stop.


I thoroughly enjoyed our stop there yesterday Cathy! Thanks for taking me there. I was so tempted to buy cheese, meat, and bread but I already had a lot of other stuff we picked up along the way.


As soon as you said you were hungry, cc, I knew that this would be a great place for us to stop. Looking back at this post, I'm sure you took more (and better) photos that will be descriptive of this part of our epic road trip/food crawl!


Man, we snacked all day, ha ha. That was indeed a great place to stop. Lots of interesting things so see and do there, especially for kids.


There's something for everyone, cc. Prepared foods, picnic-able foods, candy, fruit and produce...then, of course, pony rides, the carousel, furniture and sheds!

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