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Sunday, 18 January 2009



I'm also a huge fan of this place, but think it's stronger at dinner than lunch/brunch. The food is sophisticated and comforting at the same time, and the service is top-notch. BTW, the glazed jidori chicken is to die for...the yukon gold potato gratin that comes with it is the worth the cost of the entree!


Pity. You could have walked around the corner to the Linkery, which has, IMHO, the best burger in the city. Grass fed organic beef, in-house baked bun, etc., etc. Its not that their cooking style is so fancy, but their emphasis on farm to table ingredients lets you taste how the food should really taste.

Alice Q. Foodie

Oh my goodness. This has got to be the best line ever in a food blog - especially about one's wife "The Missus has been known to body slam a Moose to get to his salt lick." Quite evocative Kirk! ;-)


I've had the same problem with taking pictures outside on a sunny day, it's almost worse than using the flash in a dark restaurant! did you guys really have biscuits and dumplings in the same meal?


#1 most overrated restaurant in San Diego. I agree 100% with your review (even though your wording is far sweeter than mine was!).

How do you CONSISTENTLY provide LIMP sweet potato fries? That is just atrocious, lunch time.. dinner time.. doesn't matter.

The gimmick of "farm fresh" food is ridiculous considering just how average the food is here.

We went for a dinner gathering and each friend has decided never to go again.


Hmm, I actually loved the way your photos turned out Kirk!


Hi James - I did want to the burger for burger week...and I usually don't post on our visits to places like this. I do think they fuss a bit much with their food.

Hi Ken - I did have the burger at the Linkery, in fact there's a photo somewhere in one of my posts. But that was at the old location. I liked it except that it had everything but the kitchen sink on it, which took away from appreciating the burger.

Happy New Year Alice! Did I actually write that??? Oh, I did.... that's the problem with writing everything in one pass. I might get body-slammed myself! ;o)

Hi FH - Yes, I agree....... orange tinted food is not a pleasant sight.

Hi Clayfu - So I'm guessing you didn't enjoy Urban Solace? ;o)It's funny, I've never had my typing described as "sweet" before! That's, ummm, well, so sweet! he-he-he......

Hi Dennis - You are much too kind! I'm guessing you like orange? ;o)


hi kirk
we went last year and thought it was all right, but that was only one time. the sweet potato fries were okay although i wasn't expecting them to be served with ketchup - thought it was supposed to be with another type of dip (from reading other people's blogs). there was an item on their menu that i wanted to try (if we ever go again) - something with beef cheeks.

that's wierd about your service - wtf!!!! you shouldn't have to reach for your food, on another table, no less! that straight up sucks.


I had been wanting to try this place for a while.
Finally went, and was underwhelmed. I had the beef cheeks, which I would not recommend. They were so soft that they were like mush, and they came with some kinda smoked tomato mess which totally overwhelmed the dish.
I think its overpriced and overrated.
The orange butter with the cheese biscuit was exactly Kirk described it, and there really wasn't any cheese taste.


Hi CC - That service was a bit strange, but was very good in every other way.

Hi Stephen - Oooh, that doesn't sound very good. I enjoyed the texture of the biscuits, but expected much more flavor.


hi kirk,
Nice post, you are sooo funny =). I actually liked US the last time I went. but from the comments here... it seems like the quality of food is very inconsistent...


Hi Sha - I think US does some things rather well, and James is correct in that dinner is better than lunch. US is a bit inconsistent. The prices are reasonable though.


Hey caninecologne & stephen (and Kirk of course!),

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but hopefully you'll see this... I went to US not too long after it opened and couldn't resist getting the Beef Cheeks, which were SUPERB! Exceedingly tender and flavorful without being too rich or over sauced. I actually felt moved to tell the waitress to complement the chef, which has never happened before. It was so good I brought my brother, who is also a foodie, here when visiting from SF and he couldn't stop raving either. Unfortunately, it seems the dish was not a big seller and they've taken it off the menu. Accordingly, US has moved down the list of my regular eats, mostly because it just makes me so sad to see their best dish gone.

I asked my server once if the lamb meatloaf was gamey (because lamb should be!) and she said something to the effect of "no not much," which I assume was her way of trying to placate me, but really it just made me not want to order it. I did anyway, and she was right, but it was still pretty tasty.

I've only gone for dinner and the food is generally above par and service has always been wonderful, although the acoustics of the place make eating inside pretty loud. Whew sorry for the long post!


Hi RT - Thanks for the update and all the info! No problemo about the comment length, I enjoyed reading it.

Marcella Hammond

Urban Solace is one of my favorite restaurants in town, but I agree - it's much better at dinner than lunch. I've never seen beef cheeks on the menu, but the braised pork belly is so good that I salivate every time I think about it. Since I first tried it, I've ended up ordering it every time we've been back. I keep telling myself that I'll try something else, but like my own personal Bali Hai, it sings to me from the menu. I'm trying their brunch for the first time tomorrow, so I guess I'll finally get/have to try something different!


Hi Marcella - Thanks for taking the time out to comment and let us know how you enjoy US.

Jollibee Corporation

Wow! i like the dining area and specially the burger it looks so delicious,yummy!


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