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Saturday, 06 December 2008



there are those toilet signs, just like Saipan :) And walking on the tarmac to the plane reminded me of the days when we needed to do that at the Hilo airport.


What a ride! ;-) Sounds so exciting.


the food looks so good....what kind of herbs was in the soup?

btw, i'm gona try to make that eggplant sometime after i finish looks delicious


Hi Kat - Yes, just like Hilo... but really, more like Molokai!!!

Hi Billy - We had a fun time in Vientiane.

Hi Sawyer - Let me know how the eggplant turns out. The soup had lemon grass, basil, and I believe Bai Yanang Leaves.


The bamboo shoot soup you ate in Laos might not be bamboo. There is a plant Lao people call it "yod wai". I don't know the English name for it. It look very much like bamboo. It is the same shape and similar in texture but a little whiter than a bamboo shoot. Yod Wai is bitter. It is use in the Stew (Or Lam) and sometime it is prepare in the same manner as the bamboo shoot soup (keang naw mai).


Hi Dallas - Do you mean "rattan shoot"..... I'd heard of it, and you could be right, since I've never had it before.

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