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Tuesday, 02 December 2008



lol! Ka-Boom! Was the server watching to see if you would try it? I think I would have been in tears from the heat. The papaya salad looks delicious!


My ears started getting hot when I read about those peppers. I love how its hotness was communicated! KABOOM! HAHAHA!

And for a second, I thought those were quail eggs.


I guess if a native is warning you it's hot, then it must be so... another great memorable meal!


ka-boom...gotta remember this when I explain hot to Satoshi :)

Kirk K

Hi Carol - That papaya salad was very good. I don't think the server was watching.... but wouldn't have blamed him if he did...

Hi Elmo - I actually poked at those eggplants when they arrived. I initally thought they were quail eggs too!

Hi FH - Yes, we tend to learn the hard way.....

Hi Kat - Yes, Ka-Boom, is the new flavor.... sweet-sour-salty-bitter...and Ka-boom. ;o)

Passionate Eater

I think I need one of those sinks for when I make my poor man's sushi and when I eat Indian food. They say that the "hands" are the best utensils! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Kirk (and the Missus and the Boyz too)!


Ka-scary.....I'm a weakling of spice I would sweat if I was in a sauna.


Heh heh heh. Larb. The name of that dish always cracks me up. I'm such a dork.


Hi PE - Welcome back! Yes, nothing like eating with your hands...

Hi Billy - It was very hot...

Hi CP - My goodness.... I still think Bi Chay is more funny, though....


Hi Kirk!
Oh man, I just paid $4.50 for my morning coffee here in NYC - and to think that you could get all that food for less that $10! ^_^


Hi Kathy - And this is considered expensive by Lao standards!

Jeffrey C

I grow those little white eggplants. When I had them laying out on the table, my parents thought they were eggs from my hens.
They are white and are quite bitter even after soaking and repeated salting/rinsing. I haven't figured out how to use them yet. I think I prefer the Japanese aubergines for their milder flavor.


Hi Jeffrey - They weren't too bad with a bit of chili-fish sauce, but then again, Lao people love bitter flavors. I'll delve a bit into that in a future post.

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