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Tuesday, 23 December 2008



OMG...ok, why is the rice pot out in an area where everyone can see? They are going to have the Health Dept. on them if someone complains! It's not the reality of recycled rice, it's more the idea. Let's keep everyone happy, and if you're going to recycle rice, at least do it discreetly. I don't think I could have eaten it either Kirk, which is a shame because the other dishes looked good. blarghhh...


Hi Penny - You hit it right on the head.... it's the idea that kinda freaked me out.


whoa...places have gone out of business here in Japan for doing stuff like that...


So do you remember what was the letter grade from the Health Department for this place? SGV Chinese restaurants are notorious for having less than stellar grades. I still remember one place that didn't have a letter, only a number: 61/100. And the place was packed.

Sometimes, it's better not to know.


Ugh, of all the times I visited my uncles' restaurants, they've never recycled rice. But I've seen other things where I could no longer order a couple dishes at other restaurants, even to this day. But if it's really really good, I can block it out, I think. :-) Those dishes look fantastic! (land locked, heeheehee)


Hi Kat - I would think just the rumor of it would cause a major disturbance in Japan!

Hi Sandy - The grade was a typical (for the SGV) 'B'. You gotta remember we lived in the area for 5 years.... and never, ever saw anything like this.

Hi Carol - I just wished I never saw that.


Mental Note: Order noodle dishes.


Bad news Cathy - Hunan is China's "rice bowl"... ;o)

Passionate Eater

That is a really unsanitary thing to do. When food gets handled by non-professionals, who knows where their hands have been. The warm rice could literally be a disease transmitter and a bacteria haven. Especially if someone double dipped their spoon into the rice bowl. No more eating there!

... But, on another note, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and the Missus (and the Boyz)!


hmmm, can you just sneak your own rice in? but then I'd just wonder what else is compromised if they openly do that with the rice... too bad cuz the food looks good


Ohmygod, that is disgusting! I'm surprised you stayed and ate there. I would have walked out.
Over this last weekend, I went to Amarin Thai in Hillcrest. They seated me on the little walkway that serves as the patio. When I looked up, just up the way was a couple with an enormous white dog. Every time it stood up, its tail bumped the guy at the table behind him. The dog wouldn't sit still. I got up, told the hostess that I was leaving and that I thought it was unacceptable to have a big dog there, and walked out. It was NOT a service dog, and I won't go back, even though I thought the food pretty good last time. And that HAD to be a health violation, just like the recycled rice. You could get really sick from that.


wow....just wow. when i read the urban legend, I thought it was going to be something cool, like a story about a hitchhiker or some delicious treat...
I can't say that I'm surprised though...when my parents came back from Korea a few months ago, they told me that there was this big thing in how some restaurants reuse their banchan....I know it's a waste of food, but honestly, I find that disgusting and very unsanitary. the best place to eat is at home...
so glad you guys caught that, but I feel bad, you couldn't have any rice with your meal!

the office goat

In the words of Jeff Spiccoli (or Crash the sea turtle):
"Whoa, gnarly!!"
I've had a cockroach run across the table in front of me at a tasty Korean restaurant in SD (we cocooned it in a napkin, gave it to the server and kept eating), but that's not in the same ballpark as a wholly human-based own goal as recycling commercial food in a non-famine environment.

the office goat

Oops, that would be "Crush" the sea turtle. What would my kids say?




Hi PE - You know after some of the stuff we've eaten over the last few years......

Hi FH - The food was good....

Hi Stephen - After eating in SEA, this doesn't sound too bad.

Hi Sawyer - Wasting is a sin... but it kinda freaked us out...

Hi TOG - I once had a rat bounce off my foot at a drinking/eating establishment in Hawaii..... I kept on eating and drinking.

Hi "Little Fat Guy" (小胖子) - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! First off I think I need to be clear... at no time did I use the word "authentic", anywhere. I can tell you that the flavor of that smoked fish was "on point" based on my Wife's experience in Hunan(And I thought the smoked fish tasted great). My FIL is also from Hunan, so we'll see what he says when he tries it out. Authentic is not a word I'll use in my posts.... perhaps you've been in Hunan recently, and the food is not like this, however, much has changed since the Missus was there 20+ years ago, both in Chinese Society, and economically. So why don't you try this place out, and tell me what you think? Food is what I'd deem authentic, would not be someone else's authentic. Therefore, I never use it. OK, off my soapbox..... Happy holidays!


Hmmmm...chipped plates = recycled rice? I'm going to have to keep an eye out from now on. I share you and the Missus' disgust.


OMG! Seriously? They recycle rice? I didn't notice it the few times we were there. Now I really wonder if all Chinese restaurants recycle their rice....


Kirk I'm always impressed at your adventurous pioneer spirit. Thanks as always!


Hi Elmo - LOL! I don't think we were as much disgusted, than shocked! BTW, the food was good.

Hi Eileen - I dunno..... but maybe they should do it a bit more discreetly.

Hi RJ - No, thank you for all the wonderful posts you've done of CH over the years.

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