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Tuesday, 09 December 2008



OMGosh, I haven't had Shengjian Bao since I was little! My grandmother made them for me (and XLB). She was the Queen of Bao, in my eyes. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit her talents for bao making. That sweet porridge looks interesting in color. I always preferred savory ones but my Mom was a huge fan of it.

Jeff C

Kirk, this looks like a place I'd be eating at everyday if I lived around the corner, but since I don't, it will be a place to stop by on my next trip to SGV/Rowland HTS. The shengjian bao looks very similar to the jian bao I had when I was in Taiwan. I'm so glad that there are more northern style Chinese places opening up, get to really eat what my grandfather had when he was growing up.


Wow Shengjian Bao!! Thanks Kirk. I know what you mean about the bottoms of these. The ones I had at Shanghai were right at the verge of being burnt (but not). Was a perfect meal on cold days with red chapped cheeks..


hmmm, another introduction to a previously unknown food that sounds delicious (not the xlb)...

Keahi Pelayo

I was just in LA and this looks like an ono place.


Holy cow, Kirk, that place brings back so many memories. Not in its current incarnation, but when I was a kid, it was a Vietnamese restaurant. The family that ran it lived above it. We used to go ALL of the time until it closed down. I haven't been there since I was about 12 or so... talk about coincidences. I remember everything right down to that car wash. Glad to hear about the shengjian bao... I'm going to have to take the parental units there the next time I'm home.


glad this place was better than its name :)


Hi Carol - Not a big fan of sweet rice porridge either....

Hi Jeffrey - Heck, I'd be eating here pretty often if it was in my neck of the woods as well!

Hi Dennis - I've got my eye on another place that makes SJB..... maybe in a month or two!

Hi FH - Pretty good stuff overall!

Hi Keahi - I hope you had a great time. Lot's of good Chinese eats in LA.....

Hi GF - No kidding! That's too funny. By all means check it out.....

Hi Kat - That it was.......

Passionate Eater

I wish I knew how to read in Chinese. Maybe the sign could be read as the Best Car Wash AND Food Cabin? And I love that the Missus suffers from XLB withdrawals--I suffer from Mmm-Yoso!! withdrawals!


Hi PE - He-he-he.... Who should get top billing??? The cabin or the car wash! Welcome back from your Honeymoon!


The literal name is more like Dragon Dragon Beautiful Food, which those Shengjian Bao seem to live up to. It's rare that my mouth actually waters when reading food blogs, but it happened this time.


Hi Cp - The SJB were pretty good... though I've got my eye on another place to check out.

Leann Benting

I love this place too.

You should be a food lover to appreciate anything. I used to travel a lot when i was younger and eat mostly Chinese whenever i visit Asia.

Good blog too, feature it the Rosemead community

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