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Wednesday, 03 December 2008


Judy Lee

You guys are hardcore. I cannot believe you ate that after Thanksgiving!!!


I just love the variety of cuisines you sampled, especially your dessert plate! Blondies and potstickers and mashed potatoes and gravy sound like the perfect way to end a feast like that.


Wow, that's a long trip for a meal, hehe! I had thought about doing that once for the buffet at Belagio. Love their mini creme brulees!


i've been meaning to try out red rock...a friend of mine lives out there, and says that buffet is more for your money than wynn or bellagio, both of which i tried.

i love vegas!


the pictures kinda make my eyes hurt


Hi Judy- Because we were not driving to Detroit for Thanksgiving, we cooked a turkey Tuesday night and made mashed potatoes and gravy and had open face sandwiches on Wednesday and basically only ate meat,cheese and marinated veggie plates on Thursday so we were kind of hungry on Friday...But, if you'd like to think we did it for the sake of blogging, go ahead...
Hi FH- I just am not into sweets; never have been. I could eat good mashed potatoes forever.
There are no rules, Carol. You gotta just do it. It was fun and silly.
There are no misses at Wynn, Sawyer. Some things were not as great at Red Rock (same with Green Valley Ranch) as others. But overall, I think you get more for your money at the Station casinos. {You'll see more in less tha a week. It's time for NFR.}
Sorry, kris- You aren't allowed to have a camera inside casinos, so most of the photos are taken with my iPhone.


I live down the street from Red Rock. I can't believe that you guys drove that far and then back for a meal!! You're a true foodie!


Thanks, and welcome,Gwen. We are usually driving home from Detroit and never shopping on 'Black Friday' anyhow. We really had nothing else to do, and woke up and just did it! I am so greatful Kirk has let me blog with him here. This way I can talk about it and not seem too strange. Like I do to my friends and neighbors...

tina marie

What a excellent random road trip. I loved everything. Hey I recently saw "The Mad Greek" on Drivers, Dine-Ins and Dives on Food Network and I was all *drool* Thanks for another excellent post. :)

tina marie

Ok I have to correct myself... I meant to say Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. haha I'm sorry!!!

jeff c

I met the owner of the Mad Greek Restaurant 15 years ago. He was a very nice man and would give us his pita bread sandwiches and cucumber dill dressing. I don't know if he is still around.


Hi, Tina-We used to do the random trips all the time and I really needed to last Friday. I never have gotten into that "Black Friday" stuff. (I like your dyslectic version better). See you next Saturday!
I'll ask-soon-, jeffc. The food here is excellent.


Dang. And I thought Cpt. Jack ate a alot... You guys can definitely give him a run for his money!


Um..The Mister and Captain Jack can rival each other in size and eating capacity...and then add me into the mix, Roger. Do know we did not eat much for Thanksgiving, nor any breakfast on Friday and really nothing on Saturday.
I know, like trying to catch up on sleep...but always remember, I do it for the blog. (!)

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