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Monday, 08 December 2008



Hi Raihan - Thanks for dropping by and giving us an update on Pho La Jolla!


Hi Kirk, just had a bowl of Pho here tonight. The soup was on the thin side but they served saw leaf herb. Maybe they read your blog?! I'm definitely going to check out Pho Lucky very soon. Perfect weather for it.. :)


Hi Dennis - Thanks for the update but it'll take a bit more than Ngo Ngai... to make me (N)go back..... at least not for a while.

Porta Rickin Rick

Hey Kirk,

It's too bad that a good pho place didn't move in down the street from my house. My comments on this place were almost exactly the same. On the plus side, Pho Hoa Linda Vista is very good. Love the photos of Laos, looks like an amazing trip!


Hi PRR - Yes, Pho Hoa Huang, when they are on their game, has some of the richest darkest broth. We really enjoyed Laos.


I've lived in La Jolla for about ten years now, but I just found out about Pho La Jolla. I'm not sure about how it was when it first opened, but it sure is really good! The beef broth is great because it doesn't come with the pungent spice smell, which I personally like especially when I'm grabbing lunch in between work, yet it still packs a savory, flavorful, healthy taste. I can tell they don't skimp on all the beef bones used to make the broth. And their chicken broth is very healthy! I imagine it would be a great remedy for a cold anytime. Also, the owners and staff were very friendly and quick to make me feel comfortable and right at home, a perfect place to take a breather during my lunch break. As far as cleanliness goes, I give it 5 stars!


Hey! Thanks for linking me to your site! Awesome!!

Yeah, I was curious about Pho La Jolla... glad you guys reviewed it so I'll just stick with Kearny Mesa for pho. Oh, there's a really good pho restaurant in RB called Pho Hoacali Express. I think it's on Bernardo Center Dr... have you guys tried it? Crazy fast service (like 2 minutes from placing the order to getting your food) and mouth-watering good food!


Hi Jen - Welcome and thanks for commenting. I haven't been to Pho La Jolla recently, so hopefully they've improved.

Hi SDFoody - No problem, you've got a very nice food blog going! Haven't had Pho in RB, but will check it out when I'm in the area.

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