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Monday, 08 December 2008


Andrew Barna

Close by (maybe 2 doors down) is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, the Yummy Maki Yummy Box. I recommend it highly.


We went with high hopes since this is close to our house. I was seriously underwhelmed. My Pho was oily but not tasty. Hubby's bun was DISGUSTING and we were hungry so you know it must have been bad! I guess I'll keep driving out to Mira Mesa!


Hi Andrew - Thanks for the recommendation! I appreciate it.

Hi Sharon - Yeow...... that's terrible! I'm just glad I didn't get the Bun.


aw too bad, the photos look delicious!


I had high hopes based on your first photo but too bad it was just MOR.


Funny, my wife went to UCSD and said her ex always thought it would be a good idea to open a pho shop near the school.

You'd think that by catering to students, though, the prices would be a lot cheaper!

I was lucky, I went to San Jose State, which borders a nice area of Vietnamese Bahn Mi and Pho shops. Man, those $1 sandwiches got me through many lunches.


Good morning Kirk!
I admit taking convenience over quality often since I'm not a very picky pho eater but the high prices are unfortunate. I guess time will tell (and as my taste buds get more so-pho-sticated..) Ha, what is it with pho and puns??
Anyway, I noticed many older to-go menus at various places with un-updated prices with Pho starting at $4.75 not very long ago..


Hi Kat - It did look good... but didn't have the fragrance...

Hi Carol - A little less than MOR...

Hi Jan - I think the rent and overhead is pretty high in the area.....

Hi Dennis - I guess the work is just un-pho-gettable.... he-he-he.... Last time Pho Lucky was $4.95.


what's funny is that they actually sell pho on campus at ucsd at one of the "international" cafeterias, and i'm not afraid to say that what they are doing is morally wrong. it was horrible lol. at least they had it a year or tow ago near warren college when i was there.

i think it's nice to have a pho place close to campus. while mira mesa does offer a lot of options, it does take a while to get to those have to go down mira mesa for a bit, and sometimes u just don't want to make that drive. too bad you had a bad experience though....they def. had a good idea opening near campus, but that's really a darn shame...


Hi Sawyer - I think they can do a lot better. And the prices are not really student friendly.


Has anyone tried Pho Van on El Cajon or University?

Had a pretty good pho-gai there, broth was very tasty and the noodles "al dente" No good when the retaurants cook the noodles beyond repair....

I had a cold, great medicine!

Actually, here is the address
4233 El Cajon Blvd...


I was similarly underwhelmed by the pho there. I was also able to try the banh mi during opening weekend and it was pretty good, although they did not have pate at the time. In all subsequent visits, they have not had banh mi available, which is a bit disappointing. (some sort of supply problem)

The last time I went, service was also rather poor: it took > 20 minutes from order to pho, and I had to ask for a glass of water.


Hi PedMa - Yes, Pho Van - I wasn't too impressed on my visits though. Too much "salt" in the broth - tough meat.

Hi Hao - No Banh Mi... supply problem? That's strange......


Sparse garnishes make baby pandas cry. =(


Hi CP - "Sparse".... a good description!

Pho Lover

Hey, loving the blog. Wondering what your phavorite pho restaurant in SD is? I've tried a few, mostly in the northern part of town. I'm particularly interested in finding the one with the best tendon...


Hi PL - Thanks for the kind words. My favorite tendon is at Pho Ca Dao on El Cajon Boulevard, with Pho Hoa Cali Express second. My favorite bowl of Pho is Pho Lucky on Mira Mesa Boulevard.

All my Pho posts(including VN) can be found here:

Pho Lover

Well I'll be... Those are the restaurants that top my list so far too. I particularly like the tendon at Pho Lucky, really melts in your mouth. I think I prefer the broth at Pho Ca Dao, though it's hard to say. I haven't tried Pho Hoa Cali yet. Happy Phoing!


Hi PL - Well, FWIW, I think you've got great taste! ;o) Happy Pho-ing to you to!


Howdy Kirk and gang,

Been to Pho La Jolla a few times (most recent visit was last week); for some reason, my gf likes it a lot. While the meat quality (and quantity) has improved a bit, I think the broth is still a bit too watered down.

My advice? Get a sandwich from IMG next door and a Lavender soda from St. Germain's across the way and you'll be more than good to go.

sawyer, thankfully Warren College's Global Cafe closed this year and is no longer selling their weak attempts at pho or bahn mi.

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