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Thursday, 18 December 2008



your list sounds comforting and delicious. hmm, I'll have to think about this one...


aww man, i forgot about sab elee....i'm going to have to try that next time i come down...the naked shrimp looks really interesting...

the office goat

Sadly, I haven't been to a plate lunch place since Mo's closed. They ruined me on L&L (although the prospect of manapua might get me back).


Know where The Mister and I were on Sunday? How about Tuesday? Of course you do. Stalker.

Porta Rickin Rick

Hey Kirk,

Looks like some good additions to the rotation. We have been in the market for a new Pho place, so Pho Lucky it is, it looks delish. As for Sab-E-Lee, well, I was one of those funny little people comparing it to the cuisine in Chiang Mai, so I really appreciate the clarification.
As for our rotation, we are looking for a Vietnamese place, but have been checking out Ann Hong Pho Pasteur lately and have really enjoyed it. We are also in the market for a new Thai place. Found a good Mariscos place (Godoy) and Mi Rancho Taco Shop Numero Uno is going back in there along with Tita's. Definitely soliciting ideas though. Also, have you heard anything about Hak Haeng or other Cambodian places in Long Beach?


Hi Kat - I'd love to read about it!

Hi Sawyer - Check it out next time.... I think you might enjoy it.

Hi TOG - Yes, we'll need to work on that one!

Hi Cathy - Like I always say.... great minds and all that.

Hi PRR - LOL! Also, Red Duck Curry is a BKK specialty. For some different Vietnamese, Que Huong makes some pretty different things by San Diego standards. As for Long Beach, I've had recommendations for Siem Reap, Sophy's, and New Paradise. Nice list you've got!


Hey Kirk- do you think you will ever go south of the border? (Tijuana)There is some REALLY interesting food going on there.You absolutely MUST try the queso tacos at Tacos Ermita!


Hey, Kirk.

I must check out Sab-e-Lee. Thanks.
I like Mien Trang for Bun Rieu, and Pho Hoa Cali for pho (haven't been to Lucky Pho).
Shanghai City for the beef noodle soup. Hmmmm.

El Nopalito in Encinitas for homemade ceviche, good meat, hot salsa, tasty birria. Oh, and the tortillas are good.


Hi Chris - I'm sure someday..... but I think we'll be going a bit further South than that soon.....

Hi Didi - That's a nice rotation.


wow, that shrimp dish with the raw garlic and chilies looks snap back gnarly!


Hi FH - "snap back gnarly"!!! LOL!


Thanks for the shout-out, Kirk! Pho Lucky (which I've been calling Lucky Pho) is also on my rotation list (thanks to you). I got almost every week. The Mister doesn't want to go anywhere else either.

And we still haven't made it to Sab E Lee yet. The Mister says we're going next week, right after Buga, hehe.


On our family's rotation is Akaihana (formerly Shien of Osaka) over in Rancho Bernardo. We have been a patron of Nakamura-san for many years. It was where I was introduced to sushi, and made me the sushi fiend that I am today.

Jeffrey C

That Pho looks awesome. I never really appreciated the complexities of good pho until my wife became addicted to a pho place near us. Thanks for the recommendation Kirk.

Happy Holidays to you and the Missus.

Passionate Eater

Any place on Kirk and the Missus' rotation should be called "Lucky" to have such great and loyal customers. :) Happy holidays Mmm-Yoso!! family!


Hi Carol - I call it Lucky Pho too! I hopw you enjoy Sab E Lee!

Hi David - Thanks, now I have another one for my "list"!

Hi Jeffrey - Happy Holidays to you and the Missus as well.

Hi PE - Thanks, Happy holidays to you too!

Porta Rickin Rick

Hello Kirk and everyone,

I have a question for anyone that has a good answer. We will be heading back to SD from Santa Barbara and my wife really wants the best ramen between here and SD. Her favorite ramen that she's had was from Oahu, so is there any place between here and there that has the goods? And which is the best?

BTW Kirk, we did stop at Hak Heang Cambodian/Chinese and got some amazing food, but they were "out" of a lot of their Cambodian dishes. I'll write about it at some point.


Hi PRR - Just saying "Ramen" isn't quite that simple...what style? Assari-Kei or Kotteri-kei (tonkotsu??). I used to really like Daikokuya in Little Tokyo (not OC) for the rich tonkotsu style - sort of broth. But I've come to understand that since they've expanded the quality has come down. Shin Shen Gumi in Gardena (I've also heard good things about the location on Rosemead) is another favorite for the Hakata style ramen. I still like Santouka in Torrance, and think it is much better than the locations in SD & Costa Mesa.

This is an excellent - spot on site:

Porta Rickin Rick

Thanks Kirk, this is very helpful. We are definitely not experts on this, but the pictures of the Shoyu and Shio ramen look perfect, so looks like we'll stop off in Torrance on the way back. Thanks again.


Hi PRR - Good luck, and let me know what you find!

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