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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Passionate Eater

I feel a little embarrassed by your comment about California rolls. Those are my favorite! But that is pretty much the main type of sushi that I grew up on.


eww dry least some of the other stuff was decent.


Hi PE - I've got nothing against Cali Rolls..... it's just not among my favorite things. Mayo in sushi......

Hi Kat - Dry rice....ewwww. This was ok, I'm hoping some of the other dishes will be up to the old standard.


I had noticed that Sushi Deli was gone, but didn't realize that the restaurant reverted back to the predecessor! I got take-out from Sushi Deli once; they gave me the wrong order, and what I had wasn't very good.

I've never gone to Osaka Kitchen because of the same assumption you had for lunch. It always looks pretty busy during lunch, but that postage stamp of a parking lot is a pain.

Sounds like dinner time is the way to go.


Never heard of Mayonnaise Shogayaki. I saw a couple recipes for Shogayaki, but no mention of the mayo. Is it (wasabi?) mayo as a condiment? Or is there a deeper integration with the mayo?


I wish they offered their more enticing dinner menu items for lunch.. Is a part 2 going to follow shortly? cheers


Hi Fred - He probably misses the type of cooking.... a friend of mine from Osaka has told me that Osaka Kitchen isn't quite as good as before.


Hi Sandy - Yes, that parking lot..... ranks right up there with the one with Tofu House and CrabHut

Hi Jan - It probably makes it richers and more moist.

Hi Dennis - Yes, lunch is pretty uninspiring....


My iaijutsu sensei (who is from Osaka) seems to love this place. Apparently the late night chalkboard specials, as well as the specials on the wall, are quite good. It actually kind of reminds me of Noble Chef in that the "standard" dishes (California rolls here, beef and broccoli there) are mediocre to terrible, but the specialties (okonomiyaki here, chiu chow fried rice there) are quite good.

Myself, I feel like it's overpriced for what you get, and the menu doesn't seem to be as interesting as the previous incarnation of Osaka Kitchen.


The more I read your blog, I more I realize I know nothin' about food in S.D. even though I spent 18 whole years there ;-) Thanks for the constant insights!


Hi G - Happy holidays to the both of you! So, are you residing in LA now? I assume so because of your recent posts.

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