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Wednesday, 10 December 2008



wow, you're quick! one minute i'm reading about the Food Cabin in Rosemead, then this pops up.
fyi - i've been enjoying reading your posts on Laos and seeing all of the beautiful photos and salivating over your descriptions of the food...


Hi CC - LOL! I'm kinda late tonight! ;o) Luang Prabang was just a wonderful place.... for once I wasn't ready to return home.


beautiful pictures of both the scenery and food. it must have been so nice! i really like that tree of life


from the second photo, I thought it may be a relaxing trip...thanks for sharing, beautiful photos and narrative.

Passionate Eater

The khai pene almost looked like beef jerky at first. It must have tasted amazing with all of those concentrated vegetable flavors. What does moss taste like? Like seaweed?


Hi Sawyer - Luang Prabang was wonderful!

Hi Kat - My blood pressure dropped to levels not seen in decades!

Hi PE - It does look like beef jerky, doesn't it? It tastes pretty much like very good nori..... but a bit more salty, and greater depth of flavor.


sabaidee, Nice photos


Hi Jay - Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


Love that Tree of Life. I think my blood pressure dropped a few just from reading the post.


I have to tell you, the food thus far on this trip series has been absolutely amazing. You two are so adventurous, inviting random locals to dine with you and trying so many new things.


Hi Carol - I had to be literally dragged away from Luang Prabang.

Hi CP - There was just so much that was new to us..... and the people in Laos are wonderful. It was so easy to do what we did, anyone could do it.

jeffrey c

you've opened my eyes to the beauty of this region. Before, I would have thought just heat and humidity. A place that the long ago Chinese emperor's sent as a punishment diplomatic posting their problem courtiers to for exile and punishment. But its beautiful.


Hi Jeffrey - Luang Prabang is quite beautiful, in more ways than one.

anie williams

Hi Kirk, it's more than a distraction to read about Luang Prabang in particular, I was there earlier this year, hope to go next Feb. Even though there was so many tourists, they all chilled out..
I was hours in Xiengthong, & noticed how tourists would come through the gate, slow down, & start smiling.
It's like how places used to be,


Hi Anie - Yes, Luang Prabang was beautiful.....I couldn't believe how relaxed we felt.


Haha, you are eating like the minorities!

By that I mean mostly vegetables and I sometimes say because they live in the mountains and are poor. But what an adventure.

I want you to visit China next time because I also enjoy authentic Chinese food.



Hi Joseba - Yes, we are.... we like to eat what the people eat...... because most times it is fresh, tasty, and unpretentious. And I'm sure we'll make it to China (many times, since the Missus is from there) one day! Thanks for stopping by!

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