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Monday, 22 December 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Great post! Great pics. Wow!

I don't know if I could eat something as cute as that critter in the last picture. But it probably wouldn't make a good pet.

"Rat - it's what's for dinner." Just can't see that as a advertising slogan.


Hi Ed - You don't know how many photos I had to dig through.....

And you shoulda seen the teeth on that critter....

Passionate Eater

What a diverse offering of foods! Yes, I will stay tuned to the comments section to see if anyone has anything to say about that "human shaped" fruit.


Hi Kirk! I found a few websites on the "human" looking fruits. I hope that helps :) Also, there is a Chinese series call Journey to the West, these fruits were mention in one of the episodes, where they were believed to be magical fruits that when you eat them you will live for 1000 years, however the main monk in the series couldn't eat it because it looked too much like a person. I hope that helps!



Hi PE - Yes, you sure aren't short on variety here!

Hi ;) - Thanks for the research, and the links. But those look just plain fake..... he-he-he. I'm sure we'd have heard of these......


Oh my. Those are some, uh, interesting critters, I mean, meat.

I'm not sure if I could look at all that raw meat in that format. If it was cooked, then I don't think I'd have any hestiation. But it does look very clean, and at least you know it's fresh!


Hi Sandy - Funny, but looking at those photos.... I kinda feel the same way. But it just felt natural being there.


what a great open market! so many different food items, thanks for sharing!

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh wow! The variety of critters at this market was so fascinating. I hope you find out more about that human-shaped fruit too. So did you get to eat any of those meats? I ate a fish soup with acacia in Vietnam and loved it, but haven't been able to find it here. I liked its crunchy-sourness.


I enjoy your blog immensely. Have a Merry Christmas!


What a beautiful post!

Thanks as always and Merry Christmas!


New meaning to getting your meal, "to go"? that rat looks FIERCE! was it just running around on top of the veggies?


Hi Kat - Yeah, lots of very different things....

Hi WC - Yes, we did manage to eat some of those critters....

Hi bertN - thanks for dropping by and commenting! Merry Christmas to you and yous as well.

Hi Meemalee - Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy Holidays!

Hi Penny - I think the rodent was a little teed off because he was tied by the pink ribbon to the rattan shoots...they look kinda pokey....

Jeff c

that was so cool. I just love browsing wet markets. Seeing,smelling, and hopefully tasting things there are just amazing.
The fruit was a little creepy. I can think of 2 ways to make those fruit come out like that so it most likely not natural. But the rats look so fierce and those incisors look like they can take out a hunk of flesh from your calf.
Take care,


Hi Jeffrey - This was the most interesting market I've ever walked through. I want no part of those forest rats.....


wow, what a great post - better than national geographic! I can't get over the roadkill aspect of some of those dried critters...


Hi FH - One man's roadkill is another man's dinner!! ;o)

Judy Lee

oh my geebus! I LOVE THIS POST. and i have yet to try roadkill!


Hi Judy - Tastes like chicken.... he-he-he. ;o) Happy New Year!

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