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Thursday, 04 December 2008



lol! Wow, I completely forgot about this place. It really is an "oh yeah." And with that CAB strip, I'll have to stop by soon. Hmm, wonder what the CAB stands for? It's not on the website's menu from what I can see.

The inside looks brighter now. Yum, that calamari looks like a winner! And I can always go for wings. Did you notice the panini sandwiches in the lunch section??


Hi Carol - Cathy also mentioned the panini's. The first thing that came to mind when I saw CAB...well, was you! The second thing was Carne Asada Burrito??? No, that can't be......


happy hour! now you're talking. the beer selection looks good, too. your list of "dishes which don't exist in their country of origin" reminded me of cashew chicken. when we moved from nyc to san diego, we stopped one night in springfield, MO. we found a brewpub kind of place for dinner. the waitress rattled off the specials for the night, ending with 'and of course, cashew chicken'. we were puzzled why a brewpub would 'of course' serve cashew chicken. it turns out that it is the unofficial dish of the city. a chinese immigrant chef had created the dish in springfield in the 40s and it was a hit.


Hi Kirk, thanks for posting this. So is the Mongolian grill gone for good? I remember feeling sorry for the poor chef in "the greenhouse booth" middle of hot Summer.. next to a giant flaming griddle!



Sorry. Just had to insert the Star Trek reference. =b


everything looks tasty too bad it was a little expensive.


Hi Dave - That's funny.

Hi Dennis - Unless it's hidden behind the bar, it's gone!

Hi CP - LOL! You've been in fine form recently.

Hi Kat - Yes, a little bit on the high side for uneven food.

tina marie

I really like that "Tall Bastard" damn too bad I don't drink anymore. Looks like you had a mixed bag there, the calamari and wings are on my go to list if I remember to stop by my next visit to SD. ;)

I am not a fan of the name they chose for the restaurant. Who wants to eat in a cave? haha


I keep making mental notes to try this place as I drive by it on my way to work. Thanks for the report on your visits; one of these days, I'll check it out for myself. I received some coupons in the mail.

I also wondered about the Mongolian grill. And I agree on the strange name for the restaurant.


Hi Tina Marie - That was my inital response too. Cave = damp, cold, uncomfortable... or cave = warm and welcoming?? I dunno....

Hi Sandy - With those coupons, and happy hour, it may be well worth your while.

UC Rich

No posts since Dec '08?! I'll fix that. It was my turn to pick the HH spot and, since my dept's holiday party was nixed here last year (internal politics) Khan's was it. Delighted! Pomagranate martini and then a mango one- YUM. Loved the calamari, the sauteed spicy eggplant (side) and the chicken lettuce wraps! Seafood Pad Thai was OK. Lots of fun & leftovers and a very attentive waiter. I'll be back. "Khan"? "Cave"?!


Hi UC Rich - I've had many posts since 12/2008.... just not on Khan's Cave. Some of the dishes are fine, some of it suffers from getting too fusion-fied.

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