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Tuesday, 30 December 2008



hey cathy, that's pretty interesting that they have a restaurant...i've never been inside the place though. i love old bay seasoning....just had it the first time when i went to the east earlier this year on my crab and shrimp. delicious

Judy Lee

wow. i'm catching myself up since i have been out on vacation. what is that squirrel looking thing on your lua prabang post? are they live and cuddling or are they dead and for sale?


Oh, BPS is a fun place, Sawyer. Really. Then there is food. It is perfect.
Much more perfect than Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus or Ikea, which are also stores with food.

Hi Judy- That was from one of the vacations Kirk took this year. I know nothing about eating roadkill. :)


Your meal looks wonderful! And kettle bread sounds absolutely wonderful, if it's anything like kettle corn (my favorite kind of popcorn!).

Happy New Year to you and The Mister!


Hi Judy - That was squirrel.....dead and ready for "claening"....the forest rats were very, very, much alive! BTW, congrats on your new "son". Thanks for letting me know Cathy!


Hey Carol- it was an excellent meal. I have no idea why they put sugar on the bread crust, but it was good...I like popcorn in many different ways (Mental note: post material). Happy 2009 to both of you also.
It is still roadkill, Kirk. I will eat just about anything for myself, and blog about it...but the line was drawn there. You win.


Hey just to let you know not all BPS have the big seafood resteraunt ours has a deli with wonerful fudge and good sanwiches just to let you know the variety out there.


Hi Becky. Welcome to the blog. I completely did not mention the fudge shop. Each store seems to have one. I guess I didn't write it too clearly that each BPS has a different restaurant- I have been to the one in Springfield, MO (the BIG one) and the restaurants in there have high end meals as well as buffets. I am sad the Vegas one does not have food, but I suppose that has to do with being attached to the Silverton. Competition and all. Now I have an idea for some more posts...

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