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Wednesday, 17 December 2008



Woohoo, rodeo time!!! I've got a craving for some wings. Sounds like you gals have a good trip again this year.


Rodeo seems very interesting. I don't know anything about it but one day I will try to go to one. By the way, I tried the Bridgeford rolls and the pecan/coconut yams and they were awesome! I can't get enough baked yam. I'm going to try out the garlic beef next!


Probably just a typo, Cathy, but Red Rock is in Summerlin. ;)


We had a great trip, Carol. Attended Day 5, which had a lot of records broken. It was nice, warm and a great vacation for me.
Hi Tammy- I sent you a note so glad you tried the recipes. SImple, and tasty!
I just corrected it, Gwen...I guess I was looking at ed's Somerton post when I was writing mine...or something. Thanks for the catch. Hope you are doing well. Do they even sell snow shovels out there?


Cathy...I kinda thought you were thinking about Ed's post. ;) Snow here was no biggie, IMHO. *L*


I went to Red Rock for the first time last week. Had a quick dinner at Salt Lick and played penny slots. What a nice place. Then we went back to the Cal, where we were staying. Gotta love the Cal with all the aunties talking story while playing Wheel of Fortune!


I was looking at ed's title on the blog when I typed mine up, Gwen..
Glad you liked Red Rock, Toisan. I wanted to try one of the fancier places, like Salt Lick, but not as a single female diner. Some casino incidents can fill the non-fiction section of the library. It is surreal. Play Black Jack next time...odds are better.

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