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Thursday, 11 December 2008


Passionate Eater

Wow, you have much more discerning tastes than ole' Bill! The chef should have pulled out all the shots to serve the biggest (food) celeb he would ever serve, Kirk of Mmm-Yoso!! Well, at least you can say that you disagree with Bill Clinton on this issue. :) I remember how President Clinton would go jogging and "stop" by McDonald's for ice water (and probably, another snack or two).


LOL PE - A celeb? HA! But good ol' Bubba had a load of charm didn't he?

ed (from Yuma)

Interesting. If you ever find out what a Nayarit burger is, let me know.


Hi Ed - I think I'll ask the next time I drop by.


What a letdown. I count on anything the former prez liked to be big on fat and flavor. Thanks for taking one (burger) for the team!


I'm just jealous you had free salsa and chips, you gotta pay for them in Japan :(


Hi CP - It's more like one out of two! You can guess which one! The burger wasn't bad.....

Hi Kat - That's too bad, many places give you free chips and salsa here in San Diego... so maybe it's time for a visit? ;o)


I used to go to Danny's Palm Grill for many years....the owner of El Sol, whose nickname is "Nacho", did a great burger there....I think his nephew still works there, check it out for comparison.

The Nayrit burger is fashioned after Nacho's home state in Mexico, Nayarit. I think its claim
to fame on the burger is a special blend of seasonings, salt pepper, oregano, and some other undisclosed stuff

Make sure Nacho makes you the burger next time. He is acutally a great guy! Always his dream to own his own place. Ask him if he still makes the carne asada tacos/burritos with one inch sqaure chunks of meat, man those were good too!


Hi PedMa - Thanks for the info.... It was a really nice older Gentleman who made my burger. I liked the flavor.... but it was really "pressed dry"... but maybe that was the intent? I'll give them another shot in the near future!

Sarah Jane

Dude, I'd like to know what this Nayarit Burger is, too. My husband lived in Nayarit as a child so maybe he'll know.


Hi Sarah Jane - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! If your husband knows what a Nayarit Burger is, please let us know.

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