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Sunday, 16 November 2008



Ahhhh - I've had that! I thought it would be awful, but I actually enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to see what you ate in part two!


reading this reminded me of when i visited korea once as a kid and had this. i remember chomping down as hard as i could because the moving octopus freaked me out. can't wait to read part 2!


Kirk, now maybe you can be Will Smith's whole-octopi-eating stunt double in Spielberg's remake of the Korean blockbuster, "Oldboy"!


Hi Jenn - It sounds like you enjoyed it much more than I did!

Hi Sawyer - You've been an adventurous eater since childhood, I'm impressed.

Hi Trent - Yeah, right...I'm a spitting image of Will Smith!! ;o) You've heard of Body Doubles....I don't know what you'd call a "stunt mouth"....


Haha, very cool! Not sure if I can handle a dish like that. Cooked is awesome but live, wiggling and sucking, hmmm.


I saw this on TV recently. Apparently a number of folks die each year (in Korea)as a result of choking. The cups get stuck in their throats. I'll stick to tako wasabi for now.


And here I thought I was going to have to travel all the way to LA's Korea town to try some live octopus. Can't say I'm eager to try it soon, but I'll let Sammy know I'm interested one of these days...


So is he not serving sushi anymore? Seems to be a whole different cuisine now right?


Ew ew ew ew ewwwww. You win. I will never be able to do this for a post. No. Not ever.


Hi Carol - It wasn't too bad...just kinda strange if you're not used to it. It's also veyr chewy.

Hi Chris - That's why you need to chew like crazy! I've seen videos of folks who eat the entire octopus in one bite....I'm thinking that can be dangerous.

Hi Hao - It was a fascinating experience.

Hi Clayfu - Hey, howszit going...hope all is well. Sam still serves sushi, and told me that the quality of fish is the same at Sammy's. But the main focus of the restaurant is the Hoe style. The Owner andy brought Sam in so he could serve his Japanese customers.

Hi Cathy - It wasn't that bad....

Judy Lee

"You kill me, I kill you right back"..... LOVE IT. my imagination is now picturing little segments of tentacles climbing up the esophagus.



Hi Judy - Double "ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL! Your imagination is already planning a sequel..."Return of the Sannakji" ;o)


I guess I'm a bit tender-hearted when it comes to eating live things; I personally would have risked offending Sammy and passed on the live octopus. I felt kind of bad in Hong Kong when they took live abalone and cooked them right in front of us. But to each his (or her) own!


Hi Fred - You know, the eating live things, thing...well, no blood (at least not red blood), no noise, I couldn't really see it's eyes, and nothing that made me bond with the creature...maybe if I gave it a name? After all, I've eaten live shrimp, seen live fish thrown on the grill, watched in awe as Hiroyuki Urasawa dispatched a very alive lobster. Live Uni??? It was much more disturbing watching my grandmother quickly dispatch a chicken or once as I watched an elderly Filipino Grandma dispatch a live pig with a sliver of bamboo..... Live octopus is seen as a delicacy.

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