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Tuesday, 25 November 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Nice to see Sammy doing something interesting. Well, OK, much more than just interesting.

That fish looks amazing. I love hirame sashimi, but never had it from live halibut. And OMG, those sashimi plates look absolutely wonderful!


i agree with ed....those plates are baller, and the combination plates look good too. maybe when i come down i can get some friends to get split a plate with me =) very nice post....i've never heard of or tried of some of those things before....the anago looks especially interesting

i also loved your post on the beer, and will be on the lookout for that you think bevmo might carry it?

Judy Lee

I need to stop reading your blog while eating oatmeal. >_<

that platter... i have no words for it. just a big fat smile... beautiful post ;)


lol! I'm eating oatmeal while reading, too! Now I'm craving sashimi and all I have for lunch is a Lunchable.


I will miss the over abundant sushi joints in Ca.


I am jealous. How do you compare the fish you had at Wal Mi Do , Sushi Gen, Urasawa ?


Hi Ed - It's a load of fish...... BTW, Sam was asking about you...I think he's saving a nakji just for you.

Hi Sawyer - The Anago is pretty bland. If you ever have a chance to eat Hamo, you should. I don't think BevMo carries Beer Lao since there's only 1 distributor on the West Coast. You may want to try your neighborhood Thai, Cambodian, or Lao market, they might have it.

Hi Judy - I'm glad I could bring a smile to you.... at least this stuff wasn't trying to kill me! ;o)

Hi Carol - A lunchable! LOL!

Hi Billy - You must get out there, and start hunting....

Hi Beach - Total different animal. I think you'll find similar places in Garden Grove. But the quality of the fish is better than Gen. Nothing touches Urasawa......


I love sanma sushi- my local sushi place has been serving it since it's in season and I just can't get enough of it. Great post!!

Kirk K

Hi TAG - I'm so envious! I'm also enjoying your posts on Colombia...I can't wait to read more.

jeffrey c

Kirk, I recall a tv show that was highlighting Korean cuisine. One of the things they looked at was Inchon and its sushi culture. Pretty interesting. I didn't know Korea had sushi but given its geographical closeness to Japan, I would have assumed there would have been some linkages.
Do you note any big differences between Korea sushi styles vs Japanese?


Hi Jeffrey - From what I saw, it's a sashimi thing, more than sushi. Big differences? It seems that there's a big preoccupation with very chewy textures, they prefer having everything served at once as well. And of course, cho-jang.....


Interesting dishes. Will try it out in the near future.

Kirk K

Hi Rob - Great! Make sure to tell Sam that you were the one who didn't make it to the Crawfish Boil last year......


Ah, Kirk. Thanks for the post. This looks great.
I must swing by and try it.

I didn't know that Sammy's was no more until last week when a few of us was craving for the Poke from Sammy.

Glad to hear that Sam is still doing his craft.

This is a bad week for me as I found out that Mo's Island Grille (formerly Da Kitchen) had closed down also. The place was completely destroyed and being redesign. Sigh.
No more poke from there either.

OK, must go visit Sam. Thanks, Kirk.


Hi Didi - Sam will have no problem making Poke for you. You need to visit more often! ;o)

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