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Wednesday, 26 November 2008



How fun! And Gouda is gooda! You know, I think I have a few of those cow trinkets.


I forgot to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to the mmm-yoso bunch! I'm always thankful to have found you guys. :-)


I wish I was there.


Hi Carol. It is Gouda made from raw milk and very different. This brand is sold at Henry's for $1 more per pound for each flavor. Not a bad markup-but a nice drive. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Mister.
You would've liked my documenting the drive to Detroit again this year, Chris. You can drive and have an adventure too. It's fun. I had no idea I would find these places.

Brother of Cathy

That's a nice Conestoga there near Temecula.

It's 36° here right now. Mostly cloudy. No snow to speak of. Turkey is in the oven.....


It was a completely random find-like the dinosaurs in New Mexico. I miss Sonic and Steak N Shake and Braums and Cracker Barrel and White Castle and Tim Horton's. And all of you.

Do we not own telephones? Happy Thanksgiving.


i used gmap to see where hemet was...knew it sounded familiar...i hiked once at san jacinto

that salad dressing sounds very interesting, did he happen to tell you the recipe? =)

happy turkey day to you cathy, kirk and ed!


Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Sawyer. Glad to show you new areas. The map thing helps now too, I think. Kirk has told me how to do it, so I will be updating my old posts. The carrots and celery were sort of pureed in the dressing. There was no onion and I assume apple cider vinegar. It was not sweet despite him telling me there was sugar in it. I am going to experiment, since I have all of those ingredients around here. I did not detect any oil, but think I will try sesame oil. The usual ratio for a batch of dressing is 1/4 C vinegar to 2Tbs oil.


That's a great random find. I love gouda(plain). Haven't been too thrilled with the selection in some of the stores. Gonna check out their site.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I absolutely thrive on random happenings, stops and no planning, Stephen. This was just fun and helped me out of my antsiness of not driving home for this holiday. This Gouda is made from raw milk and does have a different flavor. I know they sell this brand in various forms at Henry's. It is good. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving also.

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