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Thursday, 06 November 2008


Keahi Pelayo

Looks like an amazing eat-ology experience.


Kirk, I hope you don't mind my addressing you by your first name, I must say that this is one of the very best posts you've written. I'm a Bourdain and Zimmern junkie and you are right up there (and all by yourself--without a production crew, editors, etc.) Great, great, great stuff. Thank you so huge! This was a fun read/view.

I have to revover from jetlag after reading this one. ;)


recover...gosh my enthusiasm gets in the way of my spelling abilities. ;)


never heard of R burger here, but they do like to pair healthy and collagen together...collagen usually meaning the fat from the pork/beef/chicken...


what an adventure! I'm beginning to humm that song and am pretty sure that I passed through that same alley with the stinky fermented and dried fishes too.


Hi Keahi - We had a great time!

Hi Jan - Thanks.....I'm really glad that you enjoyed this rather lengthy post...and please do call me Kirk.....

Hi Kat - I love it....collagen...making fat a healthy word.

Hi FH - I never realized we did so much until I starting going through our photos.....Now I feel exhausted....


even though i've lived in diamond bar most of my life, i never had ate at the jolly bagel...i often forget that area is there because i never really go to that part of db

i found the r burger bit hilarious...i've heard of the difference in soft drink cup sizes in europe, but never french fry sizes heh....

great pics....i can only imagine seeing that statue of buddha...amazing. your thailand and vietnam posts def. make me want to go there....esp for the food!


Amazing pics Kirk. Thailand is truly beautiful. And $1 roast duck red curry plates!? I may have never come back. ;)


Hi Sawyer - You know.....I havne't checked during our last few trips to the ol' 'hood. But you make me wonder if Old World Deli is still there on Colima...and of course, there's the Chicken Box and monday night specials!

Hi Dennis - Not to mention the collagen! ;o) Bangkok goes at 120 MPH..... You can eat a lot for little there.


aahhhh!! Geckos on the ceiling? Do any of them ever fall? That would freak me out. Have to say, love this entry and all the pics. I also love the story with the Missus and the soldiers. I have friends like that too, but if I did it, I would be Claire Danes in three seconds. I also wonder when collagen buns are going to come to the states, they'd probably be popular.


Hi Penny - Geckos are supposed to be good luck least they were in Hawaii. We counted over 20! I'm always amazed at what the Missus can get away with....I on the other hand... ;o) I'm glad that you enjoyed this was a fun one to do!


What an interesting trip you had. I would never ever be able to do what you did. I should have gone with you.


Hi Beach - Don't be'd be out there doing amazing things, and eating amazing things...and you know it!

John Shoane

Wow, my mouth is watering. I just loge Kao Soi. Im living in Canada now but we went to a Thai temple here recently (my wife is Thai) and they were giving away Kao Soi for free! Just like the real thing you get in LOS

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