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Tuesday, 04 November 2008



loved all the photos...looked ono!


awesome much going on....i loved that noodle soup and how you could get your own vegetables....two questions: how did the thai chicken taste? was it seasoned in any way? and how much is a baht worth in dollars?


Hi Kat - In Bangkok you can get food anywhere...anytime....anyplace. It was amazing.

Hi Sawyer - At the time of our trip it was about 34-35 Baht to a dollar, about 8400-8500 Kip to a dollar. As you can see, street food is very cheap in BKK. The chicken was salty-spicy, with a good basil kick. The egg was a winna!


I still can't believe the wealth of riches provided by the street vendors in Thailand. If only we step out into the streets of SD and get such interesting food for $1...


Oh man, I *need* to go to Bangkok. Looks like an amazing trip so far!


Hi Howie - The array, and sheer number of stands/carts is simply amazing.

Hi Mike - You'd be blown away by the amount of street food available....everywhere!


Dude I love the chicken basil - that's my all time favorite thai dish.


I am jealous, that food looks great. I've been to Thailand twice while in the Navy and really enjoyed the food there.


ahhh, I love EVA air - did you guys hoard the cup of noodles? Jeez all that food in one day - looks like a great start!

Little Miss Contrary

My sister always indulges in the crunchy chicken skin whenever we go back to Bangkok. I always fly EVA, too, and the upgrade to Elite class is way worth it. You're making salivate and missing Thailand! Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!


Great writeup Kirk. Been lurking all these while (nope we did not forget MMM-Yoso). Looking fwd to more in the coming days. Makes me want to pack up and go to Thailand next week!


Hi Billy - That dish was better than 80% of the stuff Thai Restaurants San Diego pass off as Thai food.

Hi Jimmy - You really can't go wrong in Bangkok.

Hi FH - Funny you should mention the noodles....I watched a guy chow down 3 of them!

Hi LMCC - Yep, Elite class is the way to go for long hauls. BTW, your "hometown" is so vibrant and alive!

Hi Ben - Nice to hear from you! We've missed you. Well, since you can't get resos at El Bulli - maybe you can make it to Bangkok! ;o)


Hey Kirk!

Did you not get photos of the BBQ insect vendors? I found them to be about everywhere. If it wasn't for the heat, I would live in the "Land of Smiles."

Porta Rickin Rick

Hey Kirk,

Bangkok is overwhelming, we stayed less than 48hrs. as well and ate about a weeks worth. I like the photos of the backpacker areas, my sister (who has been through Bangkok many times in transit to other locations) loathes that area and would not allow me to go there, so we skipped it and stayed in silom and siam area near the mall. Also near Little Arabia (read Little North Africa), which was very interesting culinarily as well. Can't wait to see more!


Hi Jim - We didn't see very many incest vendors in the area....saw way more in Chiang Mai. It was pretty muggy in Bangkok.

Hi PRR - On our return trip we stayed in the Silom area, to kind of get us into the return home mode. I heard there's some really good Halal street food in the Sukhumvit area.

ed (from Yuma)

Great pics. Food looks so good.

But incest vendors? I've heard stories about Thailand, but . . .


Hi Ed - Like they say...... LOL! ;o)


Yum, you hit three of my favorite foods - roti, coconut pancakes and chicken skin - all in one post! Welcome back Kirk!!


I'm usually in NoHo for my thai fixen and samlung has yet to fail me. It's close by that famous temple on coldwater canyon.


Hi Candice - LOL! I'm glad I was able to hitthree of 'em! It's good to be back, though we're missing Luang Prabang.

Hi Billy - It's so sad that the Wat Thai Temple can't go their weekend things any more.

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