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Sunday, 09 November 2008



great pics...i have to find a place that makes kanom krok. i'd like to try it


Hi Sawyer - There used to be a couple of places in Thai Town that made it.....from carts on weekends.


That sculpture garden looks like Tim Burton meets Thailand! Very cool! That simmered pork shank is calling to me...


Hi Howie - Yes, you hit it right on....Tim Burton meets Hindusim/Buddhism would be a perfect description.


Wow, great post! I thought the langsat were longans, too, when I first saw the picture. Love longans so I'm sure I'd enjoy those.


u should live somewhere in asia...u'd be in food heaven with the cheap prices, diversity of food,... i wanna live in China for some time


Wow what an adventure with a two course breakfast to boot. Loved the hospital food court and thought it was cool how the first one had the tuk tuk and cooked food stall system going :) The langsat is also affectionately known in Singapore as the "bah lu ku" which is roughly translated as the lump one gets on one's head when you hit it hard.


Hi Carol - They do look a bit like longan.

Hi quoc - You know, I'd take that into consideration if I wasn't such a spoiled (Asian) American!

Hi Rachel - I love that name Bah Lu-Ku......


what a great adventure! thanks for sharing :)


Hi Kat - I'm glad you're enjoying the posts.


Kirk, I must have kanom krok! They look amazing!
Does anywhere in SD make them?
Can I make them?
Can you make them for me? :)


that view of the river is just gorgeous and I love the primitive looking sculpture park. wow looks like a great day. I'm going back to our local wat for some of that griddled coconut dumpling lip removing stuff!


Hi Jenne - The only place in San Diego I've seen them is at the Songkran Festival at the Vista Buddhist Temple. I wish I cold make them for you...heck, I wish I could make them for me! Maybe, I'll get a pan and see what happens.

Hi FH - The Mekong is quite beautiful. Boy do we miss Kanom Krok.


Let me know if you have any luck with them...

btw, I finally tried the famous pumpkin dish at Ba Ren! Really unusual. I liked it a lot.


Hi Jenne - I'll let you know if I find, or try anything. I'm glad you enjoyed the stuffed pumpkin. BTW, I miss your blog......

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