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Saturday, 22 November 2008



I'm VERY excited about Luong Hai Ky opening up in MM. Yay! Another mi place (finally). Do you know when they will be opening up? I will for sure be trying out a lot of their dishes. Maybe it'll give Tan Ky Mi Gia a run for their money. My mom always said when restaurants are in competition, that's when you'll get good prices and the best cooking.

On another note, maybe you can put in tags by area/neighborhood of San Diego? I always have a problem with figuring out what to eat when I'm not near home. Just a suggestion.


Hi, about the beer: I just wanted to say that perhaps the formulation is different? I have heard from reputable sources that Tecate beer brewed for consuption in Mexico is different than that which is intended for export to USA. Apparently,we have a reputation for enjoying light, lager style beers, and they are trying to appease the American consumer. Is it just atmosphere? I know that Coca Cola is quite different depending on which side of the border it is purchased...


Corner of University and 30th? Sweet! I'll have an Asian market within walking distance again.


so glad you were able to find some beer lao there!!


Hi Kim - I thought about doing that...but I have sooo many categories already. I know I have to do something..... and I keep promising to think of something. So let that be my resolution, ok?

Hi Chris - I think I mentioned that possibility. Who is still good, but not as good as what we had in Laos.

Hi SK - I'm glad that this was good news for you.

Hi Kat - We were so very happy as well.


Thanks for the beer tip. My brother just might be getting a case for Christmas if I can score it. :)

Kirk K

Hi Jan - If you purchase Beer Lao, let me know how your brother liked it!


I'll tell you how I liked it too. ;)

Kirk K

Hi Jan - Make sure you do!!! ;o)


Big thanks, just got back from Laos and really wanted to buy some of this myself - wonderful beer! Your blog was real helpful. Will head over there later this week to see if I can score some.

Khop Jai Deu!


Sa-Bai-Dee Frederick! I hope they have it in stock for you. If you buy an entire case, make sure to check that it is the lager, not Beer Lao dark. And I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if you detect any differences in taste!


The "Opening Soon" sign has been replaced with "Grand Opening" by the way. ;)


Hi Jan - I've already been there twice....a post is coming up.


Wow, you move fast Kirk! I've been wondering if Luong Hai Ky has opened, and now I have an answer. We'll have to try it out, and look forward to your post.


Hi Sandy - I know you move pretty fast yourself! I need to get my act together and post.


NPR just did a story on BeerLao today:


Hi EdL - Thanks! You always find the neatest things.


Hi their have you ever try hmong beer yet. Hmong Beer is also very good. You guy should try it it sale in Kansas, Missouri,and Wisconsin.It's brewed in Kansas City, Missouri. If any one want to know more about hmong beer go in their wedsite


Thuan Phat Supermarket in Linda Vista ALWAYS has Beer Lao. The folks that distribute Beer Lao in the west coast always keep the Shun Fat Supermarket chain stores well stocked. Only the lager though. Never seen the dark.


Hi IWASB - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Did you happen to notice when this post was written? It was a month before Thuan Phat opened in San Diego. I know Thuan Phat stocks Beer Lao - there's an update here:

BTW, they didn't stock Beer Lao until two months or so after opening.

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