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Saturday, 29 November 2008



Shiro recipe?
Hey Kirk, do you mind posting your soup stock recipe? We'd like to avoid the msg-laden instant stuff.
Thanks, and happy holidays!


I made your yam with coconut pecan on Thursday, it was a hit. :) Tks.


That menu is DZAikens with Vietnamese food. Having to read that menu when I just sat down would cause me to have a panic attack. Too many decisions. As it is I know I need to decide if I want noodles, rice or soup...then which meat, fish/shrimp or tofu. Then if a noodle, hot or cold...


it is oden season here, you can pick some up at the convenience stores too :)

jeffrey c

had my parents over for Thanksgiving and we decided not to have turkey and went with Hotpot. We used a lot of the same ingredients you had. The fish cakes, konyakku, and radish with left over soup broth from a pho lunch we had that same day. It was great! and my parents were totally loving it. And considering what a rainy, cold, blustery Thanksgiving, it hit the spot.
As always, enjoying your posts.


The Mister noticed Seafood Island yesterday when we popped over to Pacific Sales. We chuckled at the dual cuisine in the name. But I guess it's really 3 cuisines! Maybe they're trying to give Kim's a run for their money. Hopefully the food is better.


Hi Liver - Well sure, no problem. I'll give you our starting point:

8 Cups Dashi - Use Ichiban Dashi (#1 Dashi). You could use hondashi and water - but that would defeat the purpose (MSG).
1/2 Cup Yamasa or Aloha Shoyu
1/3 Cup Kikkoman whole bean Shoyu
3/4 Cup Mirin
1-2 Tb Sugar.

Start with the Mirin & Shoyu first - bring to a boil. Add Dashi, and do not bring to a boil, but only the faintest of simmers. Adjust with sugar.

Hi Liz - I'm sure Cathy is thrilled!!!

Hi Cathy - Yes, classic symptoms of Vietnamese menu overload!

Hi Kat - You can get Oden at the Japanese markets here - but it sooooo expensive!

Hi Jeffrey - With the storm that came through your way, it sure must've hit the spot.

Hi Carol - I hope so too!


wow I haven't had oden in a long time, I remember eating it at a street vendor in Tokyo on a cold winter night though. Sounds delicious!

Kirk K

Hi FH - That sounds like the perfect scenario for Oden.

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