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Saturday, 08 November 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Great that Sammy's visible again. And I do love hwe dup bop.

Been loving your Thai and Lao post too.


so all is not lost. I will def. have to try this place out, as I plan to visit SD after my semester ends. man i haven't had hwe dop bap for a long time. and I am quite curious to see what the surprise is haha, so try and hurry back there if you can! =)


Hi Ed - I thought of you while eating the Hwe Dup Bop....I know how much you enjoy it.

Hi Sawyer - We'll see if I survive the surprise....


ooh never heard of hwe cuisine, sounds like something I have to look for.


Hi FH - Think of it as a Korean Sushi type restaurant.

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