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Monday, 01 December 2008



Aw, too bad none of the dishes were decent. Bummer. I was hoping the Dezhou Pa Ji would be decent. Boo.


wow, what a disappointment! so is there anywhere within San Diego County where someone can get a decent dumpling, or do I have to learn how to do it myself?


I'm disappointed.


I guess it's worth it if it got the Missus to make jiao zi. Her XLB, at least, looked very tasty!


Oh, that's too bad. Any restaurant with the name "dumpling" in it is worth a try, but maybe I'll pass till they work out some of the kinks.


Hi Carol - Yeah.....a bummer...

Hi Stephen - I think Dumpling Inn's Shrimp and Chive dumpling is pretty good.

Hi P - Not as much as we were... ;o)

Hi Howie - I can always count on you to see things in a positive light!

Hi Sharon - I hope they do work out whatever kinks they have.


ooh lucky you and the silver lining kirk! I am reading a book called Serve the People, on the chapter about making dumplings. I am getting a serious hankering...

Kirk K

Hi FH - I really enjoyed feed the people. If I'm in Beijing, I'm gonna try and take a class from her cooking school - many of the characters from the book work there!

Christine Peterson

I tried the restaurant today with my folks. We too were disappointed with the quality of the food. The decor is excellent. As my mom put it, it's so hard to find a decent chinese restaurant in SD. Now can someone help with the pronounciation of the second character in the restaurant name? Thanks


Hi Christine - I'm not sure of the exact Pinyin..... but we think it's "tong".....

jeffrey c

My grandfather from my mother's side was from Shandong and they used to make Jiao tze every week. Of course it had way more chives than meat because this was back in the very lean years in Taiwan. You and your Missus are right. THe one thing thats worse than bad fillings is the wrapper. I have to get lessons from my grandmother or my aunt to learn how to do the dough. They are the only ones in the family now who know how to do it.


Hi Jeffrey - My MIL still makes Jiaozi at least every other week. I've learned that the wrapper makes the dumpling....

chinese dumplings

haha I am chinese from shandong, and in our place i perfer to fried meat!


I went to Mr Dumpling and had the all you can eat hot pot for $17 (grand opening price which eventually will increase to $20). It was very very similiar to Little Sheep (almost identical), but the service was a little better. The hot pot menu was slightly smaller but it includes 5 dipping sauces as well (they charge 50 cents extra for each sauce though). The Beef was a little tough but the Fish, Lamb, Pork, Cuttlefish and everything else was great. I had thought about making another visit to order off the other (non hot pot) menu but after reading your review I will just be going there to order hot pot!


Hi Paul - That's great to know, thanks for the info!


Has anyone been recently? We went last week and liked it.

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