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Wednesday, 12 November 2008



Hey Ed - Looks like you and Tina had a nice meal. I noticed that it would have been a really, really, inexpensive meal without the booze....but of course, it wouldn't have been as fun!


Nice post, as usual, it made me hungry. I have heard that Sonoran style Mexican is unique in that it makes use of cream sauces (an influence from the French occupation?)The shrimp in chipotle cream sauce is looking good.


looks like quite a feast. Margaritas look pretty good too.

Loi Dene

One of Greg's and my favorite restaurants and that chipotle sauce is to die for! Glad you made it down there with a camera and thanks for sharing. Yummy descriptions, too.


Interesting post! The restaurant seems quite like Los Arcos which is an upper-scale mariscos chain. It started in Mazatalan and we even have one here in South Bay of San Diego.

I was wondering if you noticed any unique sonorense style mariscos. A friend and I have been big fans of a sonoran style mariscos restaurant in Tijuana after discovering it a couple months back. Some of there offerings include aleta de atun, caldo vichis, chipacholi, estafado de camaron, moranga. Some times you can even have pate de Marlin.


the crackers and cheese look kinda like velveeta and ritz! was that garlic bread? the food looks really good, sounds like a good evening out on the town.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, Kirk, the wine and cocktails did add a bit to the cost. The margarita was just OK, and next time, we will probably just focus on vino. And yeh, fh, the cheese and crackers were strange, but those crackers are really better than Ritz.

There are some creamy sauces on the menu, Chris - one other I remember with green chili and cream. I thought the creamy chipotle sauce was really good.

I believe than San Luis has a Los Arcos as well, Alex. I don't recall any of the dishes you mention, and I'm not even certain that Mr Choby's is Sonoran by background as San Luis has numerous citizens from elsewhere in Mexico. The menu did feature alot of pescado relleno, plus some dishes like Filete pescado de la muerta. Baja lobster and even pescado zarandeado were on the menu.

tina marie

I've gotta convince the Mister to go to San Luis some time. The food looked good! Glad you and Tina :) had a good night out.


Sounds interesting but it looks like they got you a little on the exchange rate, it should have come out to be $52

Miguel Corona

Awesome! This is my uncle's restaurant, and we go to visit Mexico every year for Christmas, and end up in San Luis at least every other year just because the food is fantastic! The walk-in freezer for the restaurant is in my uncle's backyard, so we always feast on his delicious food right at home.

I noticed a question about how authentically Sonoran the food is and I can tell you that Choby was born and raised in Guaymas, Sonora, although I'm sure he has been influenced by other Mexican cuisine as well.

So glad to see people are finding this place, and glad they like it too!

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