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Wednesday, 05 November 2008



Bummer about Mo's. I was in that area a couple of weeks ago, but I thought they were still open. I also remembered seeing the same blog comment, and noticed the beverage control sign on the window.


Seconding the "Bummer about Mo's". I was there AFTER the previous commenter and it wasn't closed by the health department then, so I don't know what the deal is.

Kirk, You're going to have to go through and tell us where to get a Loco Moco in the Scripps/Mira Mesa area now, I guess L&L is the only choice....

the office goat

From the ABC notice of suspension, it looks like it may have been an underage drinking thing that got them in trouble, not so much a Board of Health violation of any kind. If they weren't specifically shut down for this, maybe a levied fine forced them to do it for financial reasons.

Bummer, anyway. There's not much to compare, foodwise, in the MM area. :(


Sigh...guess I'll have to suffer thru L&L for my plate lunch kick for now. Thanks for the update, Kirk.


Total bummer! Looks like I'm going to have to go back to cooking my own Korean chicken and loco mocos at home again. :(


Have you been to Café Dore lately Kirk? I can see you dropping in by parachute.. ;) That's unfortunate about Mo's especially since I haven't tried but looking forward in checking out Island Style Cafe very soon. Cheers.


Hi Sandy - Interesting......

Hi Hurls - I think L&L is about it.

Hi TOG - I'm goingto try and find out what's going on.

Hi Carol - Well, let me see what I can find out.

Hi Lori - Let's hope that it's only for a short while.

Hi Dennis - Of course I've been to Dore - here are my posts:

And of course - I have a whole category for Banh Mi:

Thanks again for such creative work...I really got a kick out of it.


Welcome back Kirk! Can't wait to read more about your latest vacay. Hey, I'm bummed about Mo's! :( Have you tried any "islander" spots in Poway??


Welcome back uncle! I like the last picture so much =P I will try Mr. Dumpling when it's open. I've tried the dumpling at Walmido on Monday. It was GOOD!!


Hi Mookie - I'm sorry to say that I haven't made my into that part of the county yet....I need to!

Hi YY - Please check them out....sounds like you had good Mandu. Hopefully Sam is doing well.

tina marie

That's a shame about Mo's! I hope Leilani's is still open. You know that I am heartbroken about Loco Moco's Kirk lol

tina marie

That's a shame about Mo's! I hope Leilani's is still open. You know that I am heartbroken about Loco Moco's Kirk lol


Hi Tina Marie - Yes, it's a shame. I still need to find out what's going on.....And yes, I remember your Loco Moco problems....


I thought they might've been remodeling or something because all of the counters and furniture are outside. I heard from a trustworthy source that the closure had to do with a divorce. He was forced to close the restaurant because of this. It's a shame. I miss my Korean and Lava Chicken.

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