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Thursday, 20 November 2008



Ahhh Kang Kung (stir fried morning glory) -- that was the one vegetable we couldn't get enough of when we went to Bali and Singapore this past spring.

I was expecting you to love that live fish though...darn.


Wow! Excellent post! Thanks!

By the way, I wonder if they grill old classic atari video games from the 70's? ;)

AV Flox

Love your blog. Makes me so nostalgic.

I grew up on Saipan and now live in Los Angeles and I am DYING for for short ribs, red rice, papaya koko, kalaguen, finadene and apigigi today. Do you know of any place around the LA area where I could get good island eats?


Hi Elmo - Also known as Ong Choi.... great stuff!

Hi Jan - Who knows.... ;o)

Hi AV Flox - The only one I've ever heard of is in the Whittier area called Phlight - I believe it's kind of a Chamorro-Spanish Tapas-Fusion kind of place.

6724 Bright Ave
Whittier, CA 90601
562) 789-0578

There are 2 places here in San Diego that make Chamorro food.


You had me at "walking barefoot." :-D


looks like a beautiful sunset to enjoy a memorable meal. I must look up that naem dish, sounds fantastic.


great post....i've never had naem before...sounds interesting and that fish looks so good!

i tried making the latkes yesterday and ran into a problem straining it in a colander, which i thought was something else so i didn't get to get a lot of the water out and add the starch later, which was a problem in its self. i added some corn starch to it tho...not sure if that was right to do, but it helped somewhat and the ones on the bottom turned out better than the ones on top, and i had it with some apple sauce. but it left me wondering if that's what i ended up with was what a latke really tasted like...i've never had one before.


Hi. I just wanted to say that I have purchased that beer at the World Foods Market on El Cajon Blvd before. I recently went back for some more, but they didn't have it in stock. Perhaps if we ask the manager ,we can convince him to re order?


so nice of Ai to let you use her phone! sounded like a great adventure!


Hi Carol - he-he-he.... LOL!

Hi FH - The dish is very similar to the crisp rice and sour sausage dish at Lotus of Siam in Vegas...though I like the Lao version better.

Hi Sawyer - I know folks who do it the quick way and use cornstarch...but it changes the flavor a bit.

Hi Chris - You know, I've seen it there before too.....I did grab a case from womewhere else in San Diego...but that's a future post.

Hi Kat - It was a very nice gesture..... she just did it, we didn't even ask.

ed (from Yuma)

Wow another great post. I've really loved all the posts from Laos/Thailand, but I'm so busy right now (the music of sad violins playing in the background).

But that naem forces me to comment - damn that looks good. Hard to believe that anything could be better than the version at Asia Cafe.

Yeh, I might never come back from Laos if I ever went there.


Hi Ed - Yes, I's grind time for you. Asia Cafe pales in comparison..... I was just as surprised.


Just got back to Australia. I too loved BeerLao. We also loved the sun dried sweet potato pancakes made in just one street in Luang Prabang. Do you know whwt goes in them?


Hi Robion - Looks like we missed something on our trip to LP! Gives me even more reason to head back.


Hi, Kirk!

I am sitting in the dining area of Lao Orchid writing this. I've just showed "Ai" of this post and the part you mentioned about her. She was very bashful about it.

The 2 girls (Ning and Ai) are extremely helpful. This is a very nice place to stay.


Hi Dallas - We still fondly remember Ai, she is so helpful, kind, and generous. The Lao Orchid is a very nice place to stay.

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